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A Summary of “The Barber of Seville”

Act 1
In 18th century, in the residence of a health care provider, Bartolo, keeps their niece, Rosina, restricted in his household. He is her guardian. Rosina inherited a lot of funds from her moms and dads. Bartolo attempts to get both the beautiful woman and substantial inheritance through getting this lady to get married him.
Count Almaviva, an aristocrat in Spain, falls in love with Rosina. Almaviva calls himself “Lindoro”, a poor pupil, to conceal his high standing, in which he serenades this lady. But he can’t meet her for Bartolo’s stringent control.
Amount Almaviva asks Figaro, a barber in Siviglia, to support the prosperity of his love. Figaro as barber goes into Bartolo’s residence, and he shows to Almaviva to disguise himself as a drunken soldier billeted to Bartolo’s residence. But Bartolo is skeptical about Almaviva concealed as a soldier. This plan of action doesn’t get really.

Act 2
Here program becomes successful. Almaviva disguises himself as a pupil of a music teacher, Basilio. Basilio is Bartolo’s right hand guy. Almaviva can enter Bartolo’s residence, and during a music session is able to make promise with Rosina to hightail it and get married. After that, Figaro steals the main element of the balcony window as he shaves Bartolo.
After Almaviva and Figaro leave Bartolo’s home, Bartolo tells Rosina that Lindoro attempts to offer the woman to Count Almaviva. Rosina gets upset, and claims she'll get married Bartolo or any guy. Bartolo is pleased, and calls a public notary over.
That same evening, Almaviva and Figaro take into Bartolo’s household through balcony window. At first Rosina rebuffs “Lindoro, ” nevertheless when Almaviva explains that Lindoro and Almaviva tend to be one together with same person, her confusion is solved.
At that moment, the notary shows up, so Almaviva marrys Rosina in the area. Bartolo gets in the space, however it is too late today. Almaviva informs Bartolo to simply take Rosina’s considerable inheritance for himself. So Bartolo is satisfied with the end result, too.

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