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Board of Barbering and Cosmetology license renewal

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The DC Board of Barber and Cosmetology (Board) regulates the training of barbers, human body performers, and cosmetologists, including specialty cosmetology practices particularly braiding, electrolysis, esthetics, manicuring yet others since the Mayor may every so often establish by guideline, teachers and managers of the practices, and people who own such services. The Board works diligently to improve the requirements of rehearse, ensure high quality solution, establish acknowledged codes of ethical behavior, and protect the health, safety and benefit regarding the people and site visitors associated with the District of Columbia by upholding the city’s Barber and Cosmetology license law , which took influence on might 2001.

The Board of Barber and Cosmetology is made from 14 people, appointed by the Mayor. Three (3) will probably be barbers, three (3) will probably be cosmetologists, three (3) will be niche cosmetologists, three (3) shall be human body artists, and two (2) shall be customer users. Eight (8) users constitute a quorum.

The Board fulfills on first Monday of every thirty days at 10:30 a.m. during the DCRA headquarters, located at 1100 4th Street SW, Washington, DC 20024. The Board are reached by phone: (202) 442-4320 or fax: (202) 698-4329.

Active Board Users

  • Anwar S. Saleem, PhD – Chair, Cosmetologist
  • Raymond L. Kibler – Barber
  • Jared Scott – Barber
  • Mark C. Wills – Barber
  • Eric Doyle – System Artist
  • Norah S. Critzos – Cosmetologist
  • Richard A. DeCarlo, PhD – Cosmetologist
  • Vonetta Dumas – Cosmetologist Specialty, Braider
  • Frances O. French – Cosmetologist Specialty, Esthetician and Electrologist
  • Sharon A. Young – Cosmetologist Specialty, Manicurist
  • 2 System Artists – Vacant
  • 2 Consumer People – Vacant

2017 Meeting Dates:

January 10
(Tuesday - 9:00 am)
February 6 March 6
April 3 Might 1 Summer 5
July 10 August - Recess September 5

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