Game of Thrones beard

In probably the most traumatizing event to emerge from an already emotionally scarring 6th period of “Game of Thrones” (We’re looking at you, “The Door”), photos have started appearing on Twitter of a totally beardless Jon Snow (system Harington).

Harington’s new look comes due to the actor’s role in a London production of Christopher Marlowe’s physician Faustus.

This isn’t the first occasion that Harington’s grooming has caused a blend amongst fans, with people closely keeping track of along his hair the several-month duration when Jon Snow was dead on “Game of Thrones, ” trying to find proof to ensure or reject their particular concepts the character had not really met his demise.

(He had, type of. It’s complicated. There have been witches involved.)

From selfies shared by fans internet based, it can be argued the most troubling part of Harington’s appearance set inside the severely slicked-back locks, reducing the actor’s (arguably) most-celebrated attribute, their magnificent wild hair.

At the same time, however other followers tend to be busy trying to pin down precisely which esteemed star Harington many resembles today.

(Yes, that second tweet was mine. Yes, we stand by it.)

For the time being, “Game of Thrones” followers takes convenience inside believed that they continue to have plenty of episodes of fully bearded Jon Snow left in 2010.

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