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Beard Styles And hair on your face Types for males Infographic ChartAfter months of tiring work, I’m thrilled to announce the definitive men’s guide to beard types and undesired facial hair types is finally completed!

From classic clean-shaven check out the standard full beard and anything else among, you’ll discover a crazy few options to explore under.

Obviously, you’ll also pick up some cool historic information about each look while digging in also.

And of course, an improved notion of just what style will match your face form best.

Having said that, let’s get started with the chart under.

A Los Angeles Souvarov

The initial look: a fairly strange mix of sideburns connecting utilizing the mustache. Sideburns run downwards below the lips (½ inches) before curving straight back up into the meet with the mustache. The initial classic features a petite, sharply trimmed mustache paired with razor-sharp sides across the mouth. Of course, it’s well suited for men who possess lower than desirable hair on your face development. The next variation for this style features the greater amount of popular look which includes a fatter mustache.

Regardless of becoming named after Alexander Suvorov, a popular Russian General, numerous men look for this beard style becoming quite similar to the Franz Josef; though, a lot more curvy.


The original look: In the event that name wasn’t apparent sufficient, this beard design resembles a ship’s anchor. Within the simplest terms it is a pointed beard that traces the jawline with an extra mustache.

It begins with undesired facial hair extending over the jawline and is done with a fashioned point at the bottom. The classic design holds no sideburns, and locations a solid focus on determining the jawline and chin. It’s reasonable why this beard design comes recommend for men with oblong and square faces.

To complete the look, undesired facial hair mentioned previously is paired with either a pyramid-shaped or pencil-thin mustache. In a sense, you can consider it as being a mix of the favorite handlebar mustache, chinstrap and goatee.


The initial appearance: A two-three part beard style with a goatee and mustache that are not linked. While a soul spot under your reduced lip is recommended, the appearance however requires shaved whiskers on both edges. The end result should bear some semblance to an upside down page “T”. Contemplate it a combination of the goatee, handlebar mustache and chinstrap if you prefer. (Or a disconnected mustache paired with an extensive chin beard works too)

a La Souvarov Beard StylesHowever, aside from the removal of this heart spot another difference includes omitting the mustache. And even though maybe not truly another variation, it is great understand that trimming accidents can result in a Van Dyke beard design.

If you are wondering in which this undesired facial hair design is due to I’ll inform you. It originates back once again to Italo Balbo, a popular Italian Air Marshall from the 1930s. Closely associated with fascists, he served as a henchman for Mussolini during World War II. Interestingly adequate, throughout the 30’s and 40’s the expression “Balbo” it self had been in fact a method to determine a giant formation of plane.

For face types, the Balbo is best suited for gentlemen with round or square faces deciding on how well it accentuates the chin.

Boxed Knocker Goatee

The first look: a difference in the classic Door Knocker, aka the Circle Beard. In the place of keeping things tight and round, the Boxed Knocker Goatee features the opposite. You’ll get the style features more of a squared check out it with the help of slightly wider width to the bottom of this chin. In an easy sense, it is possible to consider it like changing a Circle Beard into a “Boxy” beard.

When it comes to face types, the Boxed Knocker Goatee adds significant size to males with circular faces.


The initial look: an original combo which includes the Soul Patch and Chin Strap. You might say it's rather much like the chin curtain, but rather than having hair on your face that connects as much as the sideburns, this beard style stops within earlobe. It’s reasonable why the appearance is generally named earlobe to earlobe.

With facial hair within the chin and going alongside your jawline, the Brett works magically for gentlemen with circular faces. Though, compared to square jaws, it's less effective in terms of definition. For guys with long-faces you’ll desire to typically stay away from this beard design.

In the plus part, this beard features another concealed benefit for slow growers. If you’re struggling with extremely patchy hair around the cheeks, while nonetheless being able to grow many chin hair, the Brett could just be your best wager.


The first appearance: a broad and thick mustache that encompasses the area between the upper lip and nose. The Chevron peaks out to the sides associated with the top lip, but cannot rise above it. While a relatively humble design, it will feature a signature downward position.

The Chevron happens to be worn by every person from Ron Jeremy to the kind of Mahatma Gandhi. Of course, others including Tom Selleck, Freddie Mercury, Sam Elliot and Richard Petty have sported the design also when it reached its zenith back in the seventies and 80s.

Reasonable for the appeal aside from good looking good looks, comes from that just about any man can develop a Chevron. As well as, upkeep is remarkably minimal. Though, for some men this facial hair styles requires a bit of force because of the trimmer to heighten the pitch.

Chin Curtain

The initial look: The classic features facial hair that drapes the jawline and covers the chin entirely. While this beard style does increase down from sideburns, the design comes unaccompanied by a mustache. At first glance it could look strikingly like the chinstrap beard however, that style won't have undesired facial hair that completely covers the chin. Another crucial difference to comprehend is the fact that chinstrap beard generally expands far below the jawline, where a chin curtain beard does not.

When it comes to the Chin Curtain, there are lots of variations regarding title. Some males call it the Lincolnic, others refer to the design because the Donegal, Shenandoah, Spade or Lincoln for short. However, it doesn't matter what you call there’s a very important factor every guy can acknowledge. This iconic undesired facial hair style keeps unique ties to Abraham Lincoln.

In addition to Lincoln, the Chin Curtain also gained popularity throughout the 1970s with Alvaro Pombo, a well known Spanish poet, novelist and activist. Definitely, in today’s times this beard style nevertheless continues to be the standard for married Amish men. If you are wondering the reason why, it is quick, the mustache is shaven down so that you can dissociate ties with military solution.

For face types, this beard style is best suited for gentlemen with thin and long faces. Guys with wide or circular faces should usually pun intended Chin Curtain as it helps make the face look substantially wider.

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