Straight razor head shave

Head shave straight razor

Image titled Shave with a right Razor Step 1Prep your beard, either by firmly taking a hot bath, or by keeping a hot bath towel against that person. If you opt for the hot bath towel, immerse a little towel in hot water and hold it solidly against the face until its cool. For best results, apply the hot towel two times.

After preparing your beard run the tap for the hottest water feasible. Fill your cup or bowl with all the liquid, and let your brush soak.

Squeeze from excess water from your own brush, and dump the water out that you regularly immerse the brush. Make a lather utilizing the brush, in a choice of the dish, or simply load the brush and wait to lather up on the face.

It is in addition crucial to wet your face right before you lather up.

Image titled Shave with a directly Razor Step 2Then make use of the brush to apply the detergent or ointment toward hairy location, swirling until the lather has actually created rigid peaks.

Apply the lather to your face, using badger brush, and utilizing a paintbrush movement. Utilize a hot bath towel to wipe away any additional lather, the removal of oil from the epidermis follicles so that dampness can enter.

Complete lathering using painting shots to pay for see your face with a thick layer.

Let take a seat on for 5 min, or much longer if tresses is very coarse. Re-lather if detergent features dried up after the five full minutes. Making use of a towel, letting it sit, reapplying, etc is technically optional. The important thing is having a great thick lather on your own beard to safeguard skin and guide the blade.

Image titled Shave with a right Razor Step 3Stretch your own skin as you shave. Pull the area that you certainly will use the right razor until it really is tight.


Make use of a 20° degree angle for the blade to your epidermis. Remember you're not slicing epidermis, it is not your purpose, you will be cutting hair as close towards epidermis as you're able. It is possible to get this position by letting the knife very nearly "stay" flush on face, and turning it a little to get the 20 to 30 level position. Make every effort to use extremely little force! This is simply not a cartridge shaver which is quite simple to reduce yourself.


You will make three passes for optimal smoothness. If you'd like to save your time and therefore are willing to compromise smoothness, you certainly can do a single-pass shave and miss out the last two passes. On each pass, you will start with short strokes and finish off with longer strokes.


Make the first pass because of the grain (meaning in the direction of hair regrowth).


Lather up once again and make the next pass sideways to your whole grain. You probably defintely won't be in a position to shave your throat with this pass, simply the edges of your face and jawline.

Image titled Shave with a Straight Razor action 414

If you have a really hefty beard, you might want replace the shaver ahead of the third pass. In the event your beard isn't that hard, it is possible to miss this.


Make a 3rd and last pass resistant to the grain. This pass is the most dangerous and when the absolute most accidents happen. Bear in mind when trimming side burns off that the tip is near your earlobe, and get very careful when shaving the uncomfortable shapes around your throat. Some males would like to utilize water only, with no lather, the 3rd pass, to better see what they are doing. If you have huge beard, you could find this irritates your skin too much. In this case, go on and make use of the lather.


Rinse the lather off your face with cold water. Cold-water helps close the skin pores within epidermis.


Dry the shaver. Operate a square of wc paper amongst the scales associated with handle to get rid of the droplets of dampness which are caught there. (Many old razors tend to be high carbon metal and will rust).


Strop the shaver with a leather strop. After stropping, apply blade oil to guard the knife from moisture harm and rust.

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