Art Of Shaving Razors

Art of shaving straight razors

Straight razors are artfully built shaving executes with a rich history

A well-crafted right razor will last many years and produces a superior, clean and close shave. Master the right razor shave by comprehending the physiology associated with the straight razor, and mastering appropriate usage and maintenance practices.

Understand the Blade. Master the Shave.

  1. Point: the curved end associated with the blade.
  2. Edge: The cutting area of knife.
  3. Spine: The non-cutting the top of blade also called the "back."
  4. Shank: the point whereby the knife and tang meet. Used in the hold of the razor.
  5. Tang: will act as a lever to start the blade. Additionally used in the your hands on the shaver.
  6. Heel: the point whereby the shank meets the knife's edge.
  7. Scales: will act as the handle associated with the straight razor. Additionally utilized as protection and storage space of the blade advantage.

1. Understanding Blade Width

Our straight razor blades can be found in one eighth increments from 3/8" to 6/8". A 5/8" width is mostly utilized in right razors. The bigger the width, the greater amount of shaving lotion it may scoop up during strokes. This implies less wipes are expected among shots. The width can also be essential in achieving the 30 level perspective towards the face.

2. Choosing A Right Razor Handle

Just the right straight razor handle makes a subtle yet significant difference in your everyday shave. Select a handle that seems comfortable in your hand hence compliments your own personal style.

Black Directly Razor

Definately not ordinary. Handcrafted in France and consistenly ranked five performers by our clients.

Horn Straight Razor

Exquisitely crafted from the finest products. No two horn razors tend to be identical in structure or shade.

Stainless Right Razor

a stainless finish with a carbon metallic knife. For a no-frills approach to your daily ritual.

Bocote Wood Right Razor

Made of beauriful Bocote wood, witha unique surface and whole grain. Need we state more?

Black-wood Grenadille Right Razor

A striking, fast handle made out of genuine African Grenadille wood.

Ebony 5/8" Blade Straight Razor

Crafted in Germany from extremely durable black colored resin. With a 5/8" blade for increased maneuverability.

Throwaway Blade Straight Razor

A travel-friendly alternative to packing your strop. Pairs perfectly with your 3/8" throwaway blades.

1. Prepare

It is strongly suggested to shave after a hot shower permitting the steam-heat assistance soften the beard locks. Still prepare your epidermis by applying The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil and then Lather Up! making use of warm water, a Shaving Brush therefore the Art of Shaving Shaving Cream. You are today willing to begin your shave.

2. The Hold

Support the razor at an approximate direction of 30° to your face. In the event that you support the razor too flat it will tear the stubble, too high and it will cut the skin. You'll adjust your hold on the right razor as you change sides of the face and into places for instance the chin and upper lip.

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