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Barber straight razor kit

Step 1: Cleanse face with Imperial Glycerin Face/Shave Soap.

Step two: preparation the beard with one fall of Imperial Pre-Shave Oil to guard the face.

Step 3: Lather the Imperial Glycerin Face/Shave Soap with the Parker Black Badger Brush (with african american handle) and therapeutic massage into moist beard.

Step: Using hot water, shave because of the Parker PTB Barber Razor (barbershop design with metal arm and push-style knife owner to swap fresh blades).

Action 5: Rinse face with cold water and splash on Imperial Bergamot After-shave to replace stability to your epidermis.

This kit also contains 10 Shark Super Stainless 1/2 Blades so he’ll be ready going out of the package. Shave detergent is available in a re-usable area shave canister, and badger brush is sold with a drying stand.

Goods delivered in a reclaimed cigar box (companies vary).

It’s about time to start shaving like a guy.

Razors with aloe strips and 12 blades tend to be for girls. It’s time for you restore our self-esteem and step up to a straight razor. Yes, it is just a little dangerous… it isn’t every little thing well worth performing a little dangerous?

Thanks to the shaving advantages at Imperial Barber items and Parker Razor, The Frontiersman provides an unrivaled, 5-step shaving experience out of the field.


Delivery is $8.95 for the very first Broquet, free-for-all extra Broquets. See standard shipping times below. In a hurry? You are able to pick two or three time shipping at checkout.

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Weekday sales put by 3pm ET ship exactly the same day; usually they ship the next day. Week-end sales ship Monday.

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