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Closest head shave

Shaving is undoubtedly a daily routine for most men.

While it’s pleasant for some guys, others may absolutely hate it. Yet, it’s possible that it’s necessary for both.

No matter which category you fall in, you might be interested to learn how to get a close shave.

But why would you want to know anyway?

Isn’t enough to just shave and get over with it and head to work?

I thought you might wonder why…

For men that fall under the first category, a close shave looks and more importantly, feels amazing. This feeling can only be compared to slow, gentle stroking of a furry white bunny’s back that has been previously washed with shampoo and hair conditioner while you stare in each other’s eyes.

It started getting weird already…

As for the man that doesn’t enjoy shaving and does it anyway, a close shave can mean less shaves during a week -depending on your beard density and growth.

Luckily, I fall under the first category and this is why I’m happy that I prepared today’s post for you.

Let’s see what you need and how to get a close shave without a razor burn step by step.

Have the right tools for a close shave with you

A close shave is a combination of using great shaving tools and technique.

But before we head to the technique section, it’s important to understand why these tools can make a big difference on your shave.

Let’s get to the details, shall we?

Face wash

I know what you’re thinking.

Ever since the beginning of the post we’re talking about getting a close shave and now we’re talking about washing.

But you’ll see where I’m going with this.

Since proper preparation for a close shave is crucial, washing is probably the number one thing that you need to do. And washing your beard with a face wash is among the first steps you need to take before you get started with anything else.

But why is that so?

A dirty face or beard, may be the reason why you get skin irritation when you shave.

Even though a face wash is great for wet shaving preparation, I would definitely advise that you don’t use a deep cleanser but a mild one instead. Since you’re looking to shave right after you wash your face, a deep cleanser might make your skin overly dry and strip oils . A mild face wash will undoubtedly do the same but it won’t cleanse your face that deeply.

By using a face wash you also get the chance to massage your skin while the warm water softens your facial hair.

Recommended face washes:

| |

Pre shaving products

Even though they’re not necessary, they do help in certain occasions to get a more comfortable and closer shave.

On the one hand, they soften your face and beard so that the razor cuts your facial hair easily without pulling. On the other hand, it offers excellent lubricity to your skin while acting as a protective layer between your skin and razor, so that the razor glides easily on your face while shaving.

Most pre-shave oils that are considered among the best, contain a combination of natural oils such as olive oil or coconut oil, which gives your face lubricity and hydration, preparing your face for a great shave.

You might find pre shaving products excellent if you have an overly dense and thick facial hair or if your face is overly sensitive and prone to irritation.

Instead of pre shave oil you can also consider pre shave cream. They both serve the same purpose and it’s up to your preference to choose one against the other.

Recommended preshaving oils:

| Taylor of Old Bond Street Pre-shave Oil |

Lathering products

Wet shaving without lathering products is like pancakes without syrup.

Both do essentially the same thing. They soften your beard, offer lubricity to your skin and helps razor glides comfortably on your skin.

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