How to Wet Shave with safety Razor?

So you should Be A Damp Shaver?

The most common question we get from Shaving 101 readers has become, “in which do I begin?” Having posted many reviews of varied brushes, razors, blades, and add-ons, we effortlessly see how someone using his very first measures in traditional shaving can easily get overrun using selection of products on the market today. However, utilizing the recent resurgence interesting in conventional shaving, numerous top-quality and economically priced products have made an appearance. There are many standard shaving services and products available today than considering that the utilization of the two fold advantage razor tapered down in the 1970s. Instead of emphasizing one particular bit of the equation, this short article presents a summary of just what goes in your first shaving setup and what you need to consider for your own requirements.

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Make Shaving Maybe Not Suck

This article by Shaving 101’s Mike Sandoval is featured in the July 2013 dilemma of Cigar consultant Magazine. The article describes the problems with contemporary cartridge razors and aerosol lotions, and why a lot of men are caught in a vicious cycle of shaves that suck. Mike encourages males going old-school: usage a double edge safety razor for an appropriate and enjoyable shave. He also describes some great benefits of using a shaving brush to obtain a closer shave and gentler skin. He additionally describes that standard shaving is a great pastime - specially for cigar enthusiasts - because collecting cigarette add-ons and shaving add-ons are extremely similar with vintage and new devices, and items that are available in a lot of different styles and fragrances.

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Technology's Curse: The Pivot Mind

By today’s modern-day standards, old-fashioned shaving can appear difficult. Lather should be made up of cream, brush, and bowl instead of the push of a button on an aerosol can. Similarly a traditional wetshaver has to master crucial factors, including position and force, which modern-day cartridge razors eliminate from the equation. Since they are widely accessible & most folks discovered to shave with these convenient products, many men created sluggish habits that hinder their particular outcomes with traditional items. This article helps brand-new wetshavers more easily change from mass-market cartridges on satisfaction of traditional shaving.


Double Edge Razor Blades: Troubleshooting

The dual edge razor knife is a straightforward piece of steel with two cutting edges, one on each side of the blade. It mounts into a normal protection shaver and an in depth shave. Not surprisingly straight-forward concept, there remains countless confusion about blades as a whole. The length of time do they last? How do you choose the right one? What is the best solution to keep all of them? This informative article covers two fold advantage blades and answers several of the most faqs about all of them.


Damp Shaving While Traveling

Simply because you might be out of the comforts of home doesn't mean that you must forgo a satisfying shave. Despite the small inconveniences of airport protection or insufficient room in your suitcase, there are numerous popular conventional shaving items that are either created for travel or have durable and compact packaging which make them smart choices. This informative article provides some tips and suggestions on vacationing with your chosen damp shaving equipment.

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