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Professional Barbers of Cary

8450 Chapel Hill Rd
Ste 105
Cary, NC 27513
(919) 467-1601

I've been coming here since soon after they opened. Jeff (owner) does an outstanding job. Nice guy, no pretensions, no gimmicks, only an honest-to-god barber providing you with a quality solution at a fair price. Plus he is simple to talk with. Mike is with him for quite a while and is also a stand-up man. Hope they both are there any providing I need haircuts. Difficult to get good barber that you are confident with and you can trust.

My husband simply decided to go to this barber shop today December 19/2016 around 5:30, very first time, we just move to the location so we are already been in search of somewhere to cut our children locks, the worst, this man simply charged us $18 for a son locks cut in which he performed absolutely nothing, is the first-time Im writing an evaluation, while I am achieving this my better half is attempting to correct the mess this barber left in my 14 yrs . old son, although he explain him the way that he are interested their locks to be cut.Never once more, extremely disappointed with this particular neighborhood business.The worst knowledge.

Main point here: i prefer the expert Barbers of Cary. Sweet simple barber store experience, no nonsense place with great service. Combined with a great price tag, Im a fan! The Deets: there are a few days I can't allow it to be to my regular barber in DTR, and so I discovered Professional Barbers of Cary near my 'hood. Having seen them in Yelp, I ended on in and found good barber shop experience. The atmosphere is pure guy cave convenience. It's a large store with reduced furnishings (think wood ducks, duck paintings, etc.). There's two TVs going, one with GRIT cable network (believe old westerns and activity flicks) in addition to other with ESPN. My needs tend to be easy since I have shave my mind lately. They give me a detailed right down to your skin shaved head in very quick time, which is a very important thing some times once I'm pressed for time. It is finished with a warm shaving lotion neck shape-up after which We ask for a beard trim/shape-up aswell. They all are done really with great solution, a vintage barber shop experience. With a hair slashed going for $16 and a beard trim at $6, not a poor offer either. Do note to carry the money with you while they never accept charge cards here.

This spot is bad. We have never had a worse haircut. Gave a few details (buzz the edges and trim-up the very best) and got a bowl cut. I will never ever suggest this place to anybody. Needed to go homeward and shave my mind because it had been too-short to allow them to "fix". Do oneself a favor and take this off your directory of "traditional" barbers.

I have been visiting pro Barbers of Cary for about 1 . 5 years, and these gentleman do an excellent job at a good cost. Money just.

I have been arriving at see Jeff for a long time.. Despite the fact that I've relocated away today, we nonetheless stop in every possibility I have. Definitely the very best !!

No matter whether it is Jeff or Mike, I'm going to get an excellent haircut. My gf, a tuned hair salon stylist up in NY, really loves the way these good ole southern boys slashed locks! I have made use of places like price Cutters and others like that nevertheless they don't compare. I prefer planning getting my cut and making. I do not look after the female cutters whom delve into your individual life with a hundred questions while cutting my tresses. Pro Barbers is clean, expert, and a calming location to decide on a cut.

Really contemporary really clean they also used vacuum pressure cleaner type attachment for scissors system that was cutting my tresses which designed for hardly any waste or mess. He performed just what I wanted extremely pleased. Very very reasonable prices

Still best in Cary without a doubt, professional Barbers of Cary is just supplying two chairs, therefore they not any longer provide bookings. Also, their rates have risen a whole $2 (sarcasm - this really is nevertheless hands-down the most effective males's slice available, and is a bargain). Apart from that, oahu is the same - comfortable, for males, great haircut and neck shave, still Bonanza re-runs while sitting into the seat. Bring money. In the event that you forget yours, you'll hit the ATM within bp section right up the road.

Jeff and Mike do a great job. I've been finding a normal barbershop and I just like the consistency this business provide.

I have been probably Jeff for a couple years today...simply placed, he's ideal neighborhood barber. He's polite with a really friendly demeanor. He provides a really consistent slice and always requires if you're content with the work before letting you get out of the chair. Every slice includes a hot-lather straight-razor throat shave...the perfect ending to a great tresses cut. I attempted various other regional organizations, nevertheless they don't measure up. Jeff is through session just, however they may also accommodate walk-ins. Try it out.

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