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I don’t learn about you but I’ve heard plenty differing views about getting the perfect shave. Some said it is best to do in a cold shower so you have goose bumps to raise hair, causing a closer shave. Other people have argued that it’s employment most readily useful remaining the end of a steamy shower because the hair is softened. Well ladies, the verdict is no longer out. I did so some research and place together this guide to ensure you’re shaving the smart method…

Your Ammo

  • The proper Razor: Use a shaver with a moisture strip containing aloe, jojoba or acai. I love Gillette Venus. But I’ve heard that Schick Quattro for females is meant becoming just as good. Since razors lifeless over time, make sure to supercede your razor after every 5-6 utilizes.
  • Get a Loofa: it's going to exfoliate your gams while you apply shave serum or lotion before shaving.
  • Gel or Cream It: in place of standard soap, utilize a moisturizing shave solution or cream. Your stems need most of the moisture they can get and gels/creams not only hydrate, in addition they enable a closer, smoother shave. Just Mahvelous Legs Shave Cream by Kiehl’s is fantastic.
  • Bump-Free Lotion: when you shave and pat your self dried out, make use of an alcohol-free cream to prevent annoying your newly shaved feet and the ones unattractive red “razor burn” bumps. 100percent pure Shea Butter is obviously a good wager.

How-to Shave

  • Temp: Heated. Warm water leaches dampness from your own epidermis.
  • When: In the end of one's bath. Because of this your hair and epidermis will have time for you to soften.
  • Exactly how: Start from your ankles and shave up. You want to always are shaving against the hair regrowth. As for your underarms, shave at every direction. I have found that shaving down and up and in an “X” does the key.

Additional Recommendations

  • Exfoliate: Since shaving in fact exfoliates your own skin, just exfoliate your legs with a scrub about a few times weekly based how many times you shave. If you have specifically coarse locks, it is best if you exfoliate a tad bit more than average.
  • Bump Check out: if you're susceptible to ingrown hairs, use a cleanser with glycolic acid or use Tend Skin after shaving.
  • Wax possibly: when you have particularly dense hair you might want to think about waxing. Waxing is truly ideal for the bikini area, underarms and lower legs.

Have you got any extra tips to share? Divulge within the opinions below. Additionally, if you have discovered any great alcohol-free lotions, let me know!

XO Lauren

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