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Baby oil after Shave

LiveStrong Calorie TrackerRazor lumps aren't just unsightly, but painful and. Whether you’ve created razor lumps on your own bikini line, armpits, feet or face, applying infant oil is certainly one way to soothe the burn. Despite its title, baby oil might help treat even adult skin care requirements, including pesky razor lumps.

Baby oil is only mineral oil blended with scent to give the oil a new fragrance, and mineral oil is completely normal, made up of hydrocarbons present petroleum. According to the ecological coverage Agency, infant oil contains no poisonous chemical compounds or pesticides. Baby oil is used to soothe, soften and hydrate cracked, dry and irritated skin, making it ideal for use on shaver lumps.

Shaver bumps form whenever, after shaving, pieces of hair develop back to skin. This is certainly also known as ingrown tresses. Incorrect shaving practices would be the typical reason for shaver lumps. You'll develop shaver lumps if you don’t usage shaving cream or gel while shaving, you shave too often, use a dull razor, hit way too hard while shaving or perhaps you shave when you look at the opposing course of this hair’s natural development.

Baby oil can be utilized alone on shaver lumps, or you can blend it with another product if the lumps are especially bothersome. Apply a couple of drops of child oil into affected region of the skin and wipe it in well. Do that once or twice each day to offer relief. You are able to blend infant oil with some falls of rubbing alcoholic beverages thereby applying that toward irritated area. Baby oil works to hydrate your skin while liquor has antiseptic properties which help treat the rash preventing the bumps from worsening.

Baby oil could also be used before shaving to greatly help moisturize skin, enhance the tresses stubs and lubricate the razor. Rub a few drops onto your epidermis before applying shaving cream or serum. To avoid razor lumps later on, always use a clean, sharp shaver and shave in direction of the hair growth. If you should be at risk of shaver bumps, immerse your skin layer for 10 minutes before shaving to help soften the hair follicles, making them much more pliable. Apply a toner or antiseptic to the shaved location just after shaving to help prevent razor lumps.

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