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  1. Shaving Cream is very good, great minting scent and allows you to shave using the dullest of razors. The after shave has the aroma of carnuba wax and is like a melted chap stick.
  2. I enjoy both the shaving lotion and also the after shave. The shaving lotion lathers up really and I have visibly a lot fewer nicks after one or two hours months deploying it. The after shave feels great. This will be my standard from now on.
  3. Really pleasant to make use of ! lathers up well with just finger action, appears liquid misable and does not
    gum-up the razor like Cremo, no residual redness, simply a little bit is best suited, very pleased and intend to continue to use !
  4. a rarity indeed: advertising claims that turn into definitely real. Super product that delivers against guaranteed advantages.
  5. I have been utilising the various other Pacific shave lotion and decided to try out this. These items seems great - smooth skin, no burning. The after shave lotion can also be great. Smells good and keeps my face feeling moisturized without experiencing greasy. Customer forever.
  6. Nunca me hubiera imaginado que myself estubiera razurando con algo relacionado con cafe, pero verdaderamente fue una sorpresa muy agradable, nunca antes habia sentido mi cara TAN SUAVE, y deja un olor muy agradable, muchas feicidades por su creatividad y por su pasion por su producto
  7. Not merely will there be a definite refreshing sensation making use of the shaving ointment, it makes my epidermis method smoother than any various other product we utilized. Cannot suggest this stuff adequate.
  8. My brother Jesse gave me this as a gift. The shaving lotion ended up being a life-changing knowledge for me personally. I like it. Im now a fan for a lifetime.
  9. I adore the scent and feel associated with the lotion. Additionally the aftershave is a-thrill - entirely energizing, great light aroma, great dampness without getting also greasy.

    I’m very happy with my purchase. You guys put out great products, and also this is certainly a premium set of products. Can’t wait to take out some of my various other razors to use with it, and I may splurge on a bowl lather to see just what the cream can really do. However it is already an ideal choice for my face lathering, and certainly will definitely take my bag on our future holiday.

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