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In the event you never keep up with the most recent trends over on "the youtubes, " you may not know about that one. I really believe all of this started with this specific video by NickiTutorials (this woman is paid with this particular finding), but I really very first learned about it after watching this movie by YoungWildandPolished.

In summary, Nivea Men fragile article Shave Balm happens to be trusted by many people makeup products enthusiasts as...face primer. Yes, the stuff you put on your own skin just before use your makeup. Now, if you look at the components (which you'll see in a moment), the 2nd ingredient is glycerin, which can be in just about every face primer available on the market. I desired to give this a try because you know i am ALL about inexpensive solutions with regards to makeup products (including using products in unconventional ways to assist in saving a buck or two). Plus, unlike numerous traditional after-shave balms, this 1 includes no liquor (when I state alcoholic beverages, I'm speaing frankly about isopropyl alcoholic beverages, SD alcoholic beverages, denatured liquor, ethyl alcoholic beverages, and massaging alcohol, that could have a drying effect on certain skin types-especially my personal). The product does include witch hazel though, in case you're sensitive to that.

Nivea Men Fragile Post Shave Balm
(shopping: around $5, 3.3 oz.) I picked up this bottle at my regional Target (into the guys's shaving aisle) for $5.59 (you may also obtain it regarding the Target web site), you could fully grasp this product just about everywhere. Nivea guys services and products carry on sale continuously during the drugstores, in order to certainly have it at a significantly better price than used to do in the event that you monitor sales/coupons/store incentives.

Produced in Germany

This container is constructed of milk glass with a thick synthetic screw-top cover. The bottle is substantial-it has some fat to it plus it seems a tiny little bit hefty within the hand (especially when comparing to plastic bottles).

Back of bottle

The lips about this bottle isn't super large, and I also don't find it hard to manage simply how much you dispense. This product is rather thin and runny, but you can tilt the bottle at a slight perspective plus it is released gradually adequate into your hand so you shouldn't have much difficulty managing the amount.

In time it took for me personally to put some onto the straight back of my hand, grab my camera and just take this pic, that which you see above is how much item dripped down my hand. Therefore once more, it really is a thin formula.

On day among my evaluating, I tried the product as opposed to my typical lotion, before my makeup products. So that the just thing to my skin before makeup products had been this product. That day, we utilized concealer, powder foundation, and establishing powder back at my face, in addition to some lotion blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, brow pencil, and lipstick.

By the end-of-day one, I was pretty impressed. My makeup products seemed great, even after a complete eight hours of wear. I experienced a teeny touch of breakthrough shine on my nostrils, but that is it. If you should be a longtime audience of my blog, you know We have awesome greasy skin, so having just breakthrough shine to my nose after eight hours is seriously impressive.

But unfortunately, after time one, things seemed to falter.

Throughout the program my assessment period (four weeks), I tried this product with every combination I could possibly consider, including yet not limited to:

  • Right on bare skin
  • In addition to lotion
  • Above lotion + serum
  • Above lotion + sunscreen

And I also tried it underneath all the following:

  • Powder foundation
  • Liquid basis
  • Long-wear fluid basis
  • BB/CC lotions
  • Pillow compact
  • Tinted moisturizer

I also set all above items with one of several following:

  • Pressed dust
  • Pushed oil-control powder
  • Loose dust

Next first-day, i simply couldn't seem to recapture those good results. I attempted using less, I attempted using more. I attempted permitting Nivea Men Post Shave Balm set to my skin for a few minutes before applying my makeup products, and I also in addition attempted applying my makeup straight after application. No real matter what used to do, it were unsuccessful myself.

When I say it were unsuccessful me, I'm referring to how my makeup products looked a couple of hours after application. On most days, I noticed a cakeiness that isn't often there whenever I don't use this balm. My makeup seems to pool up into my fine lines, also it caked up really badly around my eyes and nose specifically. Regarding oil control, i discovered that for my oily epidermis, this system never ever worked as well as it did that first day. Throughout my screening period, i came across that within 2 to 3 hours after application, i possibly could both see and feel a greasy, gluey, tacky movie back at my face. 1 day particularly after utilizing this product, I was out operating errands with Mr. G and he viewed me entirely sunlight and stated, "Babe, what exactly is incorrect together with your makeup products these days?" We looked when you look at the mirror and ended up being essentially horrified. My makeup had satisfied into each of my good lines, it was caked up around my nose, and my face had been very oily searching. Which ended up being only three or four hours after application.

When it comes to scent with this product, the fragrance is not very powerful, but I definitely view it during application also it does seem to linger for a couple hours. I wouldn't call it a "manly" scent (whatever that means), but a lot more of a unisex scent that reminds me of Irish Spring or Zest bar soap. Neat and fresh. I've heard some people mention that there is a fragrance-free form of this system available, but I truly cannot discover one. The sole various other variation i possibly could find was THIS, the "air conditioning" variation (as well as includes fragrance). FINAL VERDICT: Oh how I want this product struggled to obtain me personally in the same manner it works well with countless other individuals, but i am afraid that's just not the case. That first-day? Good results. Daily after that? Terrible. There needs to be anything within product that simply does not accept my certain body, but that is not saying so it don't meet your needs! If you are searching for a fresh, inexpensive makeup primer, you might offer this a shot. I personally would be keeping my ultimate goal Ebony Radiance Complexion Perfection Primer (same parent organization as damp letter crazy), that is in addition very reasonable. The kaolin clay because primer really works really with my oily epidermis and it's really been my ultimate goal primer for years today. This Nivea item surely didn't knock it of the number one position (and on occasion even come near).

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