The World Beard and Moustache

World Beard and Moustache Competition

Eccentric: your competition lured more the 300 hopefuls displaying handlebar moustaches and impeccably groomed beards

Participant Karlheinz Hille seemed extremely dapper together with silver moustache, which he associated with a likewise coloured top hat and match

The event occurs every couple of years at different places all over the world and competitors in 2010 showcased some rather flamboyant types of undesired facial hair

Silver beards manipulated into rigid spokes, amazing foot-long handlebars and pointed moustaches had been all on display.

And judges were left scratching their moderate beards while attempting to think about whoever facial hair endured right out of the crowd.

Those types of in attendance, Dieter Besuch sported a fantastic ten ringlets from their beard including an extra two from their moustache.

While among the more youthful rivals, Benny Reinhold, showed off his immaculate moustache alongside their clean-shaven cheeks.

Participant Norbert Topf dazzled with a beard that looked like it could have taken more than a few hours in front of the mirror to master.

Display: Silver beards teased into rigid spokes, majestic foot-long handlebars and pristine pointed moustaches were on show in 2010

The more youthful rivals, Benny Reinhold, displayed their immaculate moustache alongside their clean shaven cheeks

The guys exhibited their facial fuzz by contending in numerous categories in three essential teams - moustache, partial beard and full beard

And Karlheinz Hille seemed incredibly dapper with his silver moustache, that he associated with a likewise colored top hat and match.

The guy displayed their particular facial fuzz by contending in various groups in three vital groups - moustache, partial beard and complete beard.

The moustaches range from the 'English' - long and thin hairs pulled aside - as well as the 'Dali' - long and slim ideas that arch or increase by the end, inside style of the Spanish surrealist artist.

Although the limited beard group includes the 'Musketeer' - a pointed beard combined with an extended and narrow moustache.

The last full beard team includes 'Freestyle', that is showcased in the many eccentric attempts that helped make the competitors so preferred.

Close assessment: an associate associated with jury talks about the incredible beard of participant Juergen Burkhardt through the eccentric competitors

Hard competitors: Judges were left scratching their own moderate beards while attempting to start thinking about whom exhibited ideal hair on your face

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