From 2015 World Beard And

Beard and Moustache Championships

The 2015 simply for Men nationwide Beard and Moustache Championships presented by Hanes X-Temp took place on November 7 inside spectacularly refurbished King's Theater in Brooklyn, NewYork.

Florida's Scott Metts, just who competed within the full beard fashioned moustache category, took house top honors, a trip to the following year's compeition, that will be held at a place become launched.

The beneficiary of event had been the Fire Department of the latest York, which recieved a $5000 contribution through the organizers.

Thank-you to all the participants and sponsors for a memorable and fun occasion!

Overall Winner – Scott Metts

All-natural Moustache
1. John Cordes
2. Aaron Belcher
3. Kevin Demarest

English Moustache
1. Keith Haubrich
2. Nathan Wilson
3. Ian Stetler

Imperial Moustache
1. Ramesh Parekh
2. Reuben Jarvis
3. Eddie Kimmerling

Hungarian Moustache
1. Justin Vitti
2. Simon Cleveland
3. Gabriel Simon

Freestyle Moustache
1. Dan Lawlor
2. Pete Gisondi
3. Adam Bierton

Goatee All-natural
1. Scott Wagner
2. David Maclure
3. Joel Knepper

Fu Manchu
1. Richard Smith
2. Darrin Rees

Imperial Partial Beard
1. MJ Johnson
2. Anthony Psaris

1. Al Underwood
2. Dennis Dickerson
3. Chase Hurwitz

Amish Beard
1. Marc McShane
2. Jason Hall
3. Jonah Hickson

Limited Beard Freestyle
1. Anthony Fontes
2. John Morrow
3. Harold Hollman

Complete Beard Natural
1. Stephen Pofelski
2. Justin Nelson
3. Nayland Blake

Full Beard Styled Moustache
1. Scott Metts
2. Jim Jones

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