Ever Wonder What The Most Epic

Beard Moustache Competition

Adam RealMan and Coney Island American Provide:

The strangest and a lot of extravagant beards and moustaches descend upon Coney Island to see whose hair on your face reigns supreme!

Join Adam RealMan and his co-host Mistress B, as they lead the panel of hirsute celebrity judges to weed out the most useful whiskers in New York City and beyond.

The esteemed judges panel:
Al Kavadlo
Danny Kavadlo
Katherine Turman
Matt Chrystal
Mike Zohn

Activity to include:
The Flying Kavadlo Brothers
Stephanie Serpentina

Sponsored by:
Coney Island Brewery
Dr. Bronner's
Cliff Original
FaceKevlar Beard Company LLC
Eldorado Auto Skooter
Deno's Ponder Wheel Amusement Park - SPOOK A RAMA!
Coney Island Laser Shows
Materials for the Arts
Goorin Brothers - Williamsburg

Coney-centric groups consist of:
‘The Brass Ring’ (finest in Show),
‘Coney Island Curl’ (Most Readily Useful Moustache Styled),
‘Moustachio Marvel’ (Most Useful Moustache Natural),
‘Ballyhoo Beard’ (Most Useful Beard Styled),
‘Man or Beast’ (most readily useful Beard All-natural),
'Dog and Pony' (most useful limited Beard/Chops)
‘Hokum and Hoodwinked’ (Best Fake Beard or Moustache),
‘Come Out To Play’ (Strongest Team Participation)
‘Carny Trash’ (Worst in Show).

Winners will need house the much coveted Coney Island Fez as well as other great awards!

Vendors Galore:
Serpentina's Craft
Goorin Brothers of Williamsburg
FaceKevlar Beard Business LLC

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