Wild Willies Beard Balm Review

Beard and mustache Conditioner

Your skin naturally generates oil abundant with nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and efas. Our beard oil mimics your all-natural oil, nourishing your scalp and tresses and moisturizing and toning your own skin. Because we use essential oils—subtle combinations of concentrated fragrances removed directly from nature—our beard essential oils have anti-oxidants and possess antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and purifying properties. Also, our beard oil digests quickly, and may reduce and stop zits, eczema, and dandruff, and does not keep a greasy residue.

Beard Conditioning Oil

Yes, Bearded is Better better. Whether your personal style is a superb, handsome stubble or a gloriously long and robust beard, beard conditioner is for you. Never ever fear a beard or a conditioning it. No, you aren’t putting motor oil on your own face. You may be merely softening your whiskers, smoothing your own skin, and assisting your own hair complete thicker and faster. Consider beard conditioner as a cologne that also moisturizes your own hair and skin. Therefore the best benefit is this: a few drops of beard conditioner take virtually no time after all to apply and can boost your beard and epidermis significantly with only 1 or 2 months. Why-not take charge of the beard like you perform some sleep of your life and work out itchiness and coarse, scraggly locks a thing of history?

How to use:

  • Apply several falls after a shower & as required throughout the day to problem and maintain your beard strong.

Shave Oil

We know you need to trim, and often this means a shaved beard. Create an ultra-smooth and enjoyable shave with Vermont Beard and Mustache Company’s pre-shave oil, which softens and lifts hairs prior to shaving, protecting your skin layer and preventing irritation. You can easily apply this blend under shaving cream or serum, you can also use it by itself. Prepare yourself to produce area on the restroom rack: A-1 oz. bottle can replace multiple pots of shaving lotion!

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