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Did you understand cops aren’t permitted to have hair on your face?

I happened to be sitting in a Brooklyn Law class lecture room with most likely 100 other history stars, (which will be a fantastic term for extras) whenever a female from locks and makeup products approached me personally.

“Hi, ” she stated apologetically, “I’m sorry but we’re going to need certainly to shave you.”

I was playing an officer on a cable television show whoever name I’m uncertain I’m permitted to point out. So I’ll merely state so it rhymes with “Homeland.” Previously, once I is at the prop vehicle getting my brass (the buttons on a police officer’s collar denoting his precinct, combined with the guard on his cap and his badge) a fellow back ground actor (additional) asked, “Hi, how’d you can get away with all the beard?”

In preparation for fall and wintertime, I experienced ended shaving together with about two weeks’ development.

“we don’t understand, ” we said. “I delivered them an ongoing image in addition they still hired me personally.”

“Really, they made me personally shave.”

screen-shot-2015-02-05-at-12-10-33-pm“Really? So, cops can’t have beards?”


I'd never considered it before nonetheless it’s true: cops are often clean-shaven. Googling the reason why this is took me to numerous precincts having strict policies against undesired facial hair. There’s even a Quora conversation which explains just undercover cops can sport beards as it’s “unsafe” as they possibly can be grabbed in a confrontation. More, i discovered a strict plan for Boston Police division. “All unformed personnel when stating for duty will be correctly groomed, ” it states. “Patchy, spotty clumps of facial hair aren't considered beards and as such are not allowed.” Okay.

img_1771I thought which may be because I became a supplementary they’d let it slide. But just once I thought I’d slipped through the cracks, the lady approached myself.

I went together to your front side of the lecture hallway in which that they had post a couple of mirrors with folding chairs for hair making up. Days gone by little while of financial investment during my beard had been going to go to waste which’s with regards to dawned upon me personally. Cops might have be clean-shaven but there’s the one thing permitted.

“Can I keep consitently the mustache?” I asked, a touch too excited.

“Yeah, ” she stated, “that should always be good.”

I’ve only had the oppertunity to cultivate a beard since turning thirty and even I quickly discovered myself defending it to friends who’d ask, “So… what’s happening using the undesired facial hair?”

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