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Beard & Mustache ContestCategories and Judging requirements:

Papa Beard (complete Beard over 6 inches)
The beard appears since it develops normally. The greater all-natural the greater! The moustache is almost certainly not showcased. The beard may possibly not be curled under at the end! 
No styling aids permitted.

Baby Beard (Full Beard 6 inches and under)
The beard appears since it develops normally. The more normal the greater! The moustache may not be highlighted. The beard may possibly not be curled under at the bottom! 
No styling helps permitted.

Double Dapper (Comprehensive Beard with Styled Mustache)
Full beard, any size, with distinct fashioned stache.
 Styling helps are permitted.
 The beard seems as it grows and left normal, the more natural the higher not to mention no styling supports those beards.

Not Absolutely All There (Limited Beard)
This group is actually for anyone who features hair on your face that does not squeeze into other area (goatee, sideburns, chops, etc)

Beer Soakin’ Moustache (All-natural Mustache)
Moustache because develops and left all-natural. The greater natural the better. No closed curls. The moustache can be maintained but without styling aids. No styling aids permitted.

Dapper Stache (Styled Mustache)
Want to “do up” your stache? Then this category is for you! Styling helps tend to be allowed.

Whiskerina (for ladies)
This might be for females. Show what the great lord neglected to offer and show us just what could have been. Choose a layout for your beard or mustache – creativity is key. Judges can look at artistry, imagination, and appearance when voting from the most useful Whiskerina competitors.


Competition Procedures:

  1. Each contestant must appear before the pre-judges being determine whether he qualifies for their plumped for category.
  2. Contestants in categories where styling helps are not permitted should not make use of any styling aids whatsoever between their appearance prior to the pre-judges together with conclusion of competition. Violations of the rule will result in disqualification.
  3. All participants in each category may be provided to the panel of judges as a group. The judges will reveal the results for every contestant freely.
  4. Each judge will award each contestant a score of from 5 to 10 things. Possible ratings feature 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, etc.
  5. Each judge may award the results 10, 9.5 and 9 to simply one contestant in each category.
  6. In case there is a tie-in among the first three places, you will have a re-vote among the judges to break the link.
  7. Issues in regards to the judges’ decisions aren't acceptable and can cause disqualification.
  8. Prize(s) may be granted towards top scorer in each group.
  9. By playing your competition, all contestants agree without limitation they are photographed and therefore their particular sounds are recorded hence all these types of pictures and recordings is posted.
  10. At the most 15 contestants per group just.

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