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a La Souvarov (2008)I’ve already been growing a beard every winter months for a few many years today, and each springtime, we try to see how many hair on your face variants as I can examine faraway from the chart of hair on your face kinds. So far, over 2.4 million people have already been after along. Listed here are explanations of 50 hair on your face kinds including samples of the 43 49 variations that I’ve had the opportunity to obtain so far.


A Los Angeles Souvarov

A sideburn / mustache combination where sideburn curves downward toward the corner associated with mouth then curves upward to the mustache. Like a curvy form of the Franz Josef.

Reputation: Perfect (2008)

The Anchor

A beard without sideburns that expands along jawline and is styled into a place. It really is along with a pencil style mustache to resemble an anchor.

Status: Complete (2007)


A broad form of the goatee combined with an unconnected mustache.


The complete opposite of brush, this mustache is composed of the two ends of a typical mustache. No hair is in nostrils, and each piece extends only somewhat beyond the corner of mouth.

The Anchor (2007) Reputation: Full (2013)

Chin Curtain

A beard unaccompanied by a mustache that expands down from sideburns and along the jawline, totally within the chin. Also known as the Lincolnic.


Chin Strap

A beard that expands down through the sideburns and on underneath of the jawline.

Status: Total (2011)

Chin Puff

a narrow version of the goatee that only addresses the circular area of the chin.

Copstash Traditional

An average mustache as donned by authorities and army workers. The mustache will not expand downward beyond the upper lip.

Reputation: Total (2003, 2013, 2014)


A mustache that curls almost right up as donned by the artist Salvador Dali.

Status: Full (2010)


Balboa (2007)A fuller beard that expands into a spot.

El Insecto

Two small bits of tresses used under the chin to resemble and insect’s mandibles.

Reputation: Perfect (2004)

English Mustache

a thin, long mustache pulled to the side from the center of this top lip. The waxed ideas are used without curl.

English Mustache with Goatee

a slim, long, uncurled mustache pulled sideways from the middle for the top lip and an unattached goatee.

Reputation: Perfect (2012)

Federation Standard

Sideburns that are cut through the top of the ear at a 45 level direction to the front to create a spot. The style ended up being used when you look at the original celebrity Trek show.

Franz Josef

Like the Friendly chops, it is a mustache/sideburn combination. The sideburns come lower after which angle up dramatically toward the mustache.

Cantinflas (2013) Reputation: Complete (2014)

French Fork

A full beard that runs off the chin and it is split along the middle into two portions.

Status: Total (2008, 2013)

Friendly Mutton Chops

Sideburns that extend on edge of the mouth and are linked to a mustache.

Status: Perfect (2014)

Fu Manchu

A mustache that stretches downward in the sides, often expanding off the chin.


An extensive, complete beard with a rounded bottom and built-in mustache.


A beard used regarding the chin like a billy-goat. A suitable goatee just isn't attached to a mustache.

Goatee shown with sideburns


A mustache where in actuality the sides tend to be turned or curl ascending or outward regarding finishes.

Status: Complete (2007, 2010, 2014)

Handlebar and Chin Puff

A mustache with pointy stops used with a strip of hair down the center of the chin.

Status: Perfect (2009)

Chin Curtain (2011) Chin Strap Beard (2011) Chin Puff (2007) Copstash Standard (2003)

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