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Series 7 Beard Trimmer

Braun has had in 4 different types (720, 760, 790 & 799) inside their highly popular Series 7 distinct electric razors. We've been noticing many confusion among people about what type they should go for. We have for that reason made a decision to end the confusion by-doing thorough evaluation of the features and capabilities associated with show 7 designs to find the best one.

5 special options that come with Braun Series 7 you must understand

Innovative Sonic Technology
World’s only smart sonic technology checks out your face and changes to the density to of one's beard. 10, 000 micro oscillations each and every minute capture more locks with every stroke. For Braun’s most thorough and comfortable shave.

3 various shaving modes
Only the Series 7 created 3 personalization settings for a more individual shave. For different face zones Braun launched Extra fragile, typical and Intensive settings. It provides the finest fit to your beard and skin for a variable shave.

Option when it comes to troublesome areas “Active Carry”
Many of us find it difficult to get through our troublesome areas. Analysis from a long time shows that man’s biggest need is to find a comprehensive shave even in the toughest to attain throat places where level lying locks is an usual situation. Braun Series 7 took this problem into consideration and brought a remedy. Braun’s patented ‘Active Lift’ technology is particularly designed for problem areas. Original oscillating center trimmer make 130 movements per second which lifts and cuts flat-lying hairs.

Braun’s most sophisticated OptiFoil
Ergonomically designed foil holes which consistently catch locks all around the foil to cut tresses further than in the past.

Completely flexible shaving system
Thinking about flexible shaving system? Braun found a distinctive mixture of pivoting shaver mind and drifting cutting elements for maximum facial adaptability.

Clean & Renew system

With over 10 years of study and experience of Braun’s cleansing system, the researchers developed an excellent idea into the Series 7 cleaning system. They introduced 4 tips clean and renew system that will be totally automatic and pretty easy to use. You can cleanse your shaver with some a button of what's referred to as quick cleaning system. “It cleans, fees, lubricates and dries” your shaver within 25 seconds and makes the razor as effective as brand new and prepared for the following shaver. A refillable neat and renew cartridge implies you’ll feel just like the first time you’re utilizing it with about 4 refills over summer and winter.

  • Clean & Renew system features
  • Alcoholic beverages based cleansing system.
  • Recharge immediately.
  • Advanced lubrication system for ideal cutting performance.
  • 3 automatic program selection modes. (regular, quick eco and large intensive)
  • Fast Clean. (25 moments)
  • Fresh lemon scent.

Some extra functions which make Braun Series 7 standout

Precision trimmer
All different types of Series 7 includes a precision trimmer for styling. Now you don’t have discover an extension for the.

If you'd like to keep your ‘clean and renew’ cartridge for a time or if you’re travelling, it is simple to wash from the shaver with ordinary liquid. The Braun razor features a totally sealed human body definition it could be cleaned off with water. If you’re in a rush you can always choose the 25 second fast çlean and renew’ automatic cleansing system.

Advanced screen
Series 7 presents an advanced screen that displays the residual power standing combined with cleanliness condition that shows you in the event that shaver is clean sufficient for after that shave. This feature is however for 790cc-4 just.

Li-Ion battery pack
Like other show, the Series 7 designs will also be rechargeable and work both corded and cordless. Broun’s Series 7 is running on many advanced 3.6V Li-Ion battery without memory effects.

Full charge in just 60 minutes
Show 7 shavers could be completely recharged in 1 hour and you will use it for 50 minutes. An instant 5 min. Charge offers one cordless shave.

Braun 7 show contrast chart (start to see the distinction)

Source: (

Predicated on shaving performance all Braun Series 7 shavers tend to be equal because these got many advanced Sonic Technology. All those material will give you a personalization mode for specific shave. You have to understand Braun’s online marketing strategy. One additional easy feature occasionally tends to make a wide range of difference between the cost. Our absolute goal here's to get you to clear which one gets the best function with most readily useful price as well.

Difference between Series 7 shavers(720s vs 760cc vs 790cc vs 799cc)

Being the initial type of the 7 show, it does not have some features that have been introduced in later models like battery signal and cleaning system. The shaving performance is virtually just like the subsequent designs. But why buy one thing outdated when adding a supplementary $20 could possibly get you one of the best shavers on the market, the 790cc.

720s vs 760cc
The 720s doesn’t have Clean and charge station (Automatic program selection, active drying facilities) where 760cc has these features from the box.. 760cc is an upgrade from 720s as the got LED battery indicator (5 levels). The 760cc expenses only 20 dollars significantly more than the 720cc.

760cc versus 790cc
The 790cc came with additional automatic program selection and fast clean option. it is got LCD battery indicator (6 levels) and you’ll get a “Premium Leather Pouch” along with it, while buying the various other two older models will get you an over-all Pouch. Interesting thing is although being an upgrade to your 760cc, the 790cc prices $15 significantly less than the 760cc.

790cc vs 799cc
Both are nearly the exact same. Truly the only advantage with this particular you're which you can use it in shower. But investing an additional $100 for this function is very up to you. You may ask why the 760cc prices much more that its government 790cc. This might be indeed a beneficial concern to inquire of and it also left me personally puzzled for some time too.

After using a better appearance the thing I determined to is, the fast cleaning function inside 790cc prices you a supplementary 60 dollars a-year so they really tend to be permitting you to start with a smaller ‘down payment’.. But i wouldn’t mind purchasing the cartridges and I can always clean with water like I would must with all the 760cc .

Another concern; is-it beneficial to pay significantly more than $100 when it comes to 799cc when it lets myself shave beneath the shower together added advantage? I wouldn’t do it now as I can find the Braun 340s just for $49 and get exactly the same facility!

So Finally…..

Really without yelling it loud, we could already note that nevertheless you evaluate, by functions or by the best value for money, the Braun Series 7, 790CC is the greatest electric foil razor with its range.

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