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vintage phillips philishave electric razor shaver advertising advertisementIn 1937 Remington launched their particular Close Shaver and included a microscreen foil on the oscillating blades for an even more comfortable shave. Like the Schick electric razor, you needed to be tethered to a power cord to utilize it. Remington would establish it self given that frontrunner in foil razors, and they produced a devoted following. Former brand new England Patriot’s owner Victor Kiam enjoyed his Remington razor so much which he purchased the company. Indeed, “I liked the shaver such, i got myself the organization, ” became Kiam’s catchphrase in Remington commercials making him a household name inside 1980s.

In 1939 the Philips company started marketing and advertising an electric razor with two minds and a rotary knife. As opposed to oscillating blades to cut the whiskers, the Philips circular rotary blade spins to trim your stubble. The sold advantage of the rotary razor over the foil shaver is the fact that the former’s shape and size does a better job of achieving those hard-to-shave areas of see your face like the neck and jawline. In 1966, Philips launched the triple mind rotary razor — a model that remains the conventional among rotary razors these days. Philips bought Schick’s patents and trademarks in 1981, thus strengthening their particular place into the electric razor marketplace. The organization continues to be a leader in electric razors — especially the rotary variety.

vintage schick eléctrica razor shaver advertising advertisement vacation systemBy the belated 1940s, battery-powered electric razors joined industry, and in 1960, Remington introduced the very first rechargeable battery-powered electric shaver.

The firms creating electric razors marketed them as tools and accessories the jet-set, affluent guy. Through the 1930s and really in to the 1980s, electric razors were usually packed in silk-lined or leather clamshell instances to imbue the shaver using the aura of luxury.

Since the rise of this electric shaver throughout the post-War years, various electric razor companies have been in an arms battle to add functions and design elements to their razors to make them more inviting to men.

Hence brings united states to my writeup on the 2 frontrunners in modern-day marketplace.

The outcome of My Year-Long Experiment With Electrical Shaving

For my experiment I bought Consumer Reports’ top-rated foil shaver (the Braun Series 7) and its top-rated rotary razor (Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D).

These suckers were expensive, but I wanted to go top-of-the-line to make sure I was testing out the most recent and best in electric shaving technology. Let’s observe they performed.

Braun Series 7 Foil Shaver

vintage illustration man shaving with electric shaver 1950sFor the very first 6 months associated with the research we used a Braun Series 7 Foil Shaver. My very first electric razor had been a foil style, so that it had been familiar to me. Whenever I bought the Series 7 back January 2013, it are priced at myself 0. Jeezum! It’s today 5 on Still pricey.

Just what exactly did I get for 0?

Well, Braun has included whatever they call “intelligent sonic technology” into this shaver, which, even though it isn’t wise adequate to assist you to along with your calculus homework, does let the visit vibrate at 10, 000 small oscillations each minute. This is designed to assist capture more hair. Additionally, the top is outfitted with “ActiveLift tech” which can be expected to lift up those level lying hairs on your own face and throat so the razors can cut it.

Other functions include three personalization modes that allow one to manage how smooth or aggressive the shave is, a tilting mind that adjusts on contours of your face, a trimmer, and a self-cleaning system that cleans, charges, lubricates, and dries your shaver.

Seems like most whiz-bang coolness. But exactly how achieved it shave?

I really could regularly get a detailed and smooth shave to my cheeks with the Series 7; the results any place else were sub-par. The spot that caused myself the essential disappointment had been on my neck; no matter what thorough employment i did so, spots of unshaved whiskers would stay. And because I held moving the shaver over my throat over and over again and so I could get those stubborn hairs, I just ended up with unshaved whisker patches and really irritated skin — the exact same issue I'd with my 1998 electric shaver. I’d usually have to go back with a wet security shaver to wash within the whiskers the Series 7 left behind.

The instructions said it could simply take 2-3 weeks for my skin and beard to “adjust” to shaving with a foil electric shaver, so I hoped things would improve eventually. They never did.

Something I rapidly discovered whenever shaving with an electric shaver is you can’t let your beard get a long time before shaving. When you've got long whiskers, the shaver yanks on the beard after which cuts, resulting in a very uncomfortable shave. In addition, the patchiness boosts the longer you wait. If you’re going to choose an electrical razor, you’ll must make sure to shave each day.

The self-cleaning system from the Series 7 was pretty nifty. It absolutely was nice realizing that my razor was sanitized and lubricated before every shave.

But besides this feature, there’s little to mail a letter home about. The shaver essentially carried out a similar as $40 version I experienced in high-school a decade and a half ago.

Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D

During 2nd half a year of my year-long experiment, we used the Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D electric shaver. It’s a rotary shaver; something I’ve never used before. This is the buyer Reports top-rated rotary razor in 2012. Once I purchased it in January 2013, it are priced at — have you been sitting down? — $350. Yowzer.

Braun Series 7 Foil Shaver on restroom countertop Braun Series 7 Foil Shaver mind Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D on restroom countertop vintage electric shaver advertising advertisement you become judge

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