Beard Trimmer with Laser

Beard Trimmer with Laser

Here’s a strategy to see in the event that you’ve cut your sideburns to equal lengths without swiveling your mind backwards and forwards while looking into the mirror: Put your hands at the end of your sideburns and appear in mirror. If they’re about exactly the same distance down the face, you are great.

Alas, there’s never ever been a straightforward solution to shave complex geometric habits into your beard without the need for a chalk-line tool, a protractor, and a wind sock. But modern research has changed that, because we now have the Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer Series 9000.

As you may have astutely collected through the picture above, this is actually the first beard trimmer with a laser guide built into it. The aforementioned picture is also a little deceptive, as laser guide cannot project complex multi-line habits on your face. (For that, you’ll must visit your local planetarium after 9 p.m. in 1987.) Instead, it projects one-line at the same time, basically letting you trace all of them to your face mane.

it is however a pretty useful trimmer beyond the pop-up laser guide. You are able to wash the Series 9000 in liquid, see precisely how close you’re shaving on its fancy LED screen, reverse its clipper mind for a more-detailed shave, and touch-up your beard for an hour per cost of its battery.

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