Philips Norelco Beard trimmer

Norelco Beard Trimmer with Vacuum

Ranked 3 regarding 5 by twitchy not so convenient this really is predicated on an evaluation we typed on Amazon shortly after i acquired the trimmer. I have broadened it a bit: i obtained this to restore another beard trimmer that stopped working. This one seems better, but does not seem as functional. The old one had the cleaner function, but had a removable chamber to put up the clippings. Fall from chamber, shake it on the wastebasket, slide the chamber back and also you're done. From the 7200, you have to take away the brush together with trimmer head, after that clean out the chamber, which can be a permanent an element of the trimmer and never an easy task to clean. It would be better if chamber had been waterproof and you could simply wash it. The old trimmer had one accessory, this has several attachments. More small pieces to get rid of. The blades on the cutter appear a tad too good, if they were coarser even more hairs could slip directly into be cut. Regarding the great side, it appears well-constructed, though i will see what others mean when they complain in regards to the tabs. I'ven't had any problem however, though it can be quite difficult to get rid of the cutter. There is just these couple of problems. 28 January 2017

Ranked 3 off 5 by Nomad brand new but not much better the last design features an even more even cutting knife, this design calls for even more shots to realize an even stubble length. The previous model was also more straightforward to clean with a pop open-door privately to clear the whisker collection chamber. The only function this is certainly better about this model may be the battery life 18 January 2017

Ranked 4 regarding 5 by oleman Great features nevertheless cleaning might be enhanced notably Only problem that I have that could be viewed minor will it be is harder to completely clean the cuttings away. The old one i've leading comes off to cleanse it. Otherwise its a big improvement on the older one. 17 January 2017

Rated 5 regarding 5 by James69 the product is great! I like the product greatly. I take advantage of the merchandise to reduce my locks since I have enjoy a buzz cut and less mess. 10 January 2017

Ranked 5 regarding 5 by Mustard Performs well This trimmer works very well. The configurations are accurate for beard length. It grabs almost all of the trimmed locks, which will be very handy. 28 December 2016

Rated 5 out-of 5 by 2tonecapoe exceptional product No mess to wash after using. Excellent for shaving cutting etc. 27 December 2016

Ranked 1 out of 5 by GSinCPH Poor Design - Cheaply Made I bought this 1 to replace an earlier Philips trimmer that I experienced for many years and enjoyed. This was relatively expensive but I bought it thinking it would be even better as compared to final one. Sadly, the standard of this was not also close personally i think cheated. Firstly, this one advertises vacuum pressure system to get thr whiskers. Nice concept but it doesn't work. I would personally make a bigger mess making use of this trimmer as compared to one i purchased 10+ years ago. The worst part of this model is the fact that the primary trimmer blade connects to the base device using two tiny and thin plastic pieces. They have been therefore low priced that, within about 9 months, one side won't lock in any longer and, because the blade will never click in, it couldn't cut anymore. It just made most noise and, basically attempted to utilize it anyway, would simply stop. This thing is junk . . . Having to pay in so far as I performed for a trimmer that actually works lower than a year is actually unsatisfactory. 25 December 2016

Ranked 4 regarding 5 by TKII Close to great I've utilized Norelco trimmers for a number of years today. I stick to them due to the fact each product i have bought has actually lasted 3-5 yrs. Im replacing the T765 trimmer using this trimmer. I like the styling for the trimmer. The vacuum cleaner makes much is desired I think. While I love the information trimmer attachment, I wish the storage space that keeps the hair had been engineered quite in a different way allowing the razor is used without having the shield. Battery life and power are exceptional. 7 December 2016

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