1. The Blind Barber

Pearl Street Barber

2790 Pearl St
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 442-2279

Okay. So this is a-two time analysis. We'll start with saying I've been pleased both times because of the means my hair looked. The first occasion i obtained my haircut bY Stephanie in August, and she had been great and did just what I asked no complaints or any such thing. However today I moved in again and had been placed with Erika (I think that has been the woman name she don't even present by herself). She did good job in the long run, but was so unfriendly and had a consistent attitude problem. She held saying what i had been requesting wasn't gunna look appropriate because A, B, C, and would let-out numerous noisy sighs once I requested the girl to cut much more. That's simply ridiculous. I am the finish I'm pleased with my locks, but my experience the 2nd time around was not pleasant. Shoutout though towards spunky stylist with blue tresses and nose-piercing for dance, enjoying yourself and bringing a grin to everyone inside store.

Awesome spot to ensure you get your haircut! It's behind wahoos if you should be having problems finding it. Super satisfied with the end result. Great staff, also!

Terrible service and look after the clients. When I asked for a refund they mightn't also give me personally my money back. I covered Uneven sides and complete various lengths all-around additionally bad fade-in the back of my mind with a patch lacking. Worst locks slashed ever before i would suggest avoiding this spot.

I am planning to Floyd's since I have moved right here some time ago. It really is convenient and consistent and while the haircuts aren't ideal, they're so good often. I usually know very well what I'm getting. But this last time we went in...I had called couple of hours in advance making a consultation. We turned up early, examined in using front desk staff, and she explained it'd be a couple moments. About five full minutes next, a young child walks in and claims "i am only here for a walk-in haircut." Another 5 minutes later, and after the time whenever I had made the appointment for, a stylist comes over and calls his title as opposed to mine. Thus I ask the receptionist, "isn't he simply right here for a walk-in?" "Yeah." "But i've an appointment that's now late? Should not I have been seen before him?" That she replies "oh, I don't know." No apology, no thinking as to why it just happened, only a shoulder shrug and an "I don't know" reaction. So cool. Ask me personally if I'll come back to you once more, Floyd's. My reaction? "Oh, I'm not sure."

The environment ended up being excellent however when it arrived down seriously to it. I obtained cut two times on my shave plus they never recognized it. In addition payed 37$ for a simple shave and that's a little much. Cool individuals. Just a little pricey but this really is Boulder therefore it is what it is.

This review is designed for Mami - as I cannot speak throughout the employees at Floyd's. Mami cuts the very best locks in Boulder. I have resided here for 8 many years, with no one comes near. I probably shouldn't upload this because this woman is currently difficult to book, but hey...

Thought I'd check out a Floyds. Made a scheduled appointment, appeared and had been berated for being 3 minutes late then told i might have to wait thirty minutes because there were individuals ahead of me. I would personallyn't waste my time here.

Just got a call back through the owner - really professional and helpful. Thanks for your attempts to produce things appropriate!

Called to help make an appt for my 4 year-old as well as the receptionist was exceptionally rude. She requested what her "real" name ended up being after I plainly claimed the woman name (Sunshine) twice. I have it, Sunshine is not a rather typical title but it is additionally maybe not uncommon. There's certainly no reason at all to question me upon it twice - just what do you realy care if I result in the appt under Bozo the Clown?? She's 4! They also don't do color regarding vacations that isn't an issue now that we know but will be great to have the option - I find this becoming really limiting and another explanation i will not get. Overall the staff ended up being rude rather than very inviting. We always get my children haircut at a Floyds in Chicago but i am definitely not planning to this place in Boulder!

Terrible haircuts yet here I'm sitting waiting to get a differnt one. I'm not sure the reason why I actually do this to myself. I'm seeing 3 stylists wait awaiting that knows to show up even though I'm here if they told me to-be. We tip well but must appear to be I do not. If girl would youn't talk English involves get me first i'll fake a seizure and leave. I will only shave my mind...or discover another barber. Obviously i am too lazy to do either.

This spot is quite aggravating. Anytime i've ever set an appointment, i have turned up but still had to wait fifteen minutes. Thus I tried to get smart and call in genuine very early and had been instantly told "because our delay can be so short at this time, I can't make a consultation that far-out." That far-out, was just couple of hours away. She continued: "i recommend calling back an hour or so ahead of time." You literally cannot win with this destination. The bottom line is- you will await quite a few years. Stage. So far as the specific haircuts go, there is no persistence. A few of the women tend to be phenomenal at what they do while some cannot snip their way out of a paper case. So essentially, you are gambling with your hair unless you've already discovered one of the women you want and who a task available. But, of course, the key there is certainly to work your way through several bad haircuts initially. The purchase price is mostly about what you should expect. Overall, this destination is a mediocre experience.

Floyd's is an excellent barbershop that always gives good dependable cuts with a little bit of an expensive cost. I-come to Floyd's per 30 days for a cut and I also've never ever remaining sensation bummed or dissatisfied about my locks. The people listed below are great and personal with some bad eggs however for the most component these are typically helpful. The purchase price point right here, at the very least (for grownups) is $21 plus at tip that is somewhat large.

Cool spot to get a har cut. Today ended up being my very first time here. I acquired a cut shampoo face wrap with a hot bath towel and a tiny massage back at my arms. Hot are you able to beat that. I'd click here once again basically lived in the region but I don't. But I sure wished used to do.

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