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Vintage Barber Chair value

More than just a utilitarian piece of furniture, antique Koken barber chairs are in fact works of art. Because of the gorgeous materials and craftsmanship during these seats, enthusiasts today seek all of them completely and spend 1000s of dollars for all of them.

Koken Barbers Provide Business

Inside late 1800s and early 1900s, the Koken Barbers provide business crafted several thousand these chairs for barbers through the entire country. Situated in St. Louis, Missouri, Koken ended up being more than simply the biggest barber supply company in america; it absolutely was in addition the model of barber chair.

The company's president, Earnest E. Koken, held patents for a number of important barber supply services and products. One of these had been a hydraulic-powered barber chair, for which the organization ultimately became celebrated.

Into the 1950s, the Koken Barbers Supply business went out of company. For a time, a Japanese business utilized the Koken name to produce barber products.

About Koken Barber Seats

Craftsmen used only the best materials to manufacture many different types of Koken barber seats. Numerous instances function tufted leather-based chairs, padded arm and foot rests, and structures made of quarter-sawn pine or walnut. The structures sometimes frequently showcased fancy timber carvings. On these chairs, even the metalwork had been elaborate. The seat brackets, elements of the footrest, in addition to base all have actually beautiful scroll designs and top-quality design. A few of the most important antique Koken seats feature working hydraulic lifts which is why the company had been popular.

  • During the reduced end of the value spectrum, a total Koken chair with major problem problems might offer at under $500. a seat inside price range could have some corrosion, major furniture dilemmas or badly changed furniture, and could possibly date from 1940s or 1950s. It can probably perhaps not feature fancy carvings or an operating hydraulic raise.
  • A far more sought after Koken chair could offer for around $5000 to $6000. This sort of seat would be in perfect problem and might have a functional hydraulic raise, gorgeous lumber carvings, and initial leather upholstery in perfect condition. It could most likely hail through the early 1900s.

Locations to Purchase Koken Barber Seats

Koken barber seats make an attention-getting show at a beauty salon or private home. As they are reasonably unusual, you may have all the best finding one in the event that you go through the following sources:

Shopping Tips

Keep the following tips in mind while you shop for a classic Koken barber seat:

  • Have the chair appraised by an additional supply. Don't simply trust the seller's price when it comes to value of their chair.
  • If buying on the web, include a contingency term in regards to the problem associated with piece. Images cannot always show liquid spots along with other damage.

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