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St. Street Barbers

3523 N Southport Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 472-7723

We relocated to Chicago only a little over last year and instantly started seeking a great barbershop which also did beard trims. I got a beard and am quite lazy about keeping it. On occasion but could work does need that we at the least seem like whatever they pay me so it is really important that for some guy that knows virtually absolutely nothing about beard upkeep, somebody else succeed look fantastic. Enter Michael and Ethan @ State Street. I-go truth be told there at least one time per month today for a beard trim and intermittently for a hair-cut as required. This business are excellent. Meticulous, good senses of humor, close razor shave, hot towels, etc. just about everything you might desire from a barber. There're barbershops that perform equivalent solutions closer to the house but having tried several, I only go to State Street. As soon as, I required a last moment trim and mightn't get a scheduled appointment at my typical Southport place and also booked one totally across town/took the subway for their particular just because we trust the brand name a great deal and I was not let down. If you are within the Lincoln Park/Roscoe Village/Southport area and looking for outstanding barber, State Street can be your destination.

We been to several barbers around Lakeview and State Street Barbers is by far a barber shop that i've ever gone to. The environment is fun therefore get some real barbershop banter that takes place! Quality is first class and I also've gotten great haircuts from everyone we caused. When you do get, require Mike. He's the very best!

For a long time I experienced been searching down for the unique area. The tiny area spot for which you would walk-in, get an instant cut (or in my case, a buzz), beard trim, pay money, and leave with $5 within pocket. I tried numerous locations round the north part - a few of them are superb (and some got a touch too favored by the hipster crowds - but hey, i am not judging, but just observing.). We would surely even splurge now and then and go to the elegant put on Michigan opportunity and drop some Benjamin's for a buzzcut and a shave, and hot bath towel. For the money, i believe i will experienced a happy ending. I am eventually navigating around to my article on State Street Barbers. This destination could be the treasure, dudes. The best of old world, and "" new world "". It really is a low-key barber store - the inventors (and gals) that are the masters of these craft fork out a lot period reaching both as well as the customers in that congenial fashion that gives it a good time for "men to talk with other guys" ... chew the fat, tell jokes, rib on the other side guy. Simply do not laugh when you're getting a shave. (Or you can be quiet as a church mouse also - no body is judging - and so they completely get it). Now - the art of shaving is luxurious. It's an art and craft perfected by couple of, and judging by the scruffy faces online - a site not enjoyed by sufficient. But I'll tell you ... the shave at SSB is straightforward, straighforward, straight blade, truthful, and close. And my barber of preference, Ethan hasn't nicked myself or reduce me personally as soon as. Never. I walk out of there feeling neat and cool. I have just a little extra swagger. I do not should shave myself for several days - often weekly - after a detailed shave with Ethan. He completes the program by slapping about this "Clubman" aftershave that we swear is such a 1970's throwback nonetheless it transports me over time and room to a spot - to my youth - whenever I would put-on my father's Old Spice - to feel older and also to be similar to trusted old fashioned father. (queue - "Cat's in the Cradle" by Cat Stevens) Wrap everything up with with hot towel, perhaps a scalp massage/treatment - you are nonetheless ahead compared to a salon, or a fancier barber destination. And your choice of barber is crucial towards long haul knowledge. There are numerous to select from here - but I have been probably Ethan for over per year today and I can't state adequate about his total professionalism, their abilities with a razor, their balance using the blade, and his real and authenticate care as a barber for their customer's satisfaction while in the seat so when he makes the store. I became therefore impressed that We converted my lover to join me personally within Barber. He'd been doing the Salon thing consistently - investing nearly $100 for a "hair cut" ... but Ethan's solution ended up being all of that and much more, and a much better cut compared to the Salon would ever before deliver. We use the more money we saved outside and spend it on Butcher's Tap for Maker's Mark Manhattans and Wisconsin Cheese Curds alternatively (the very best in the city!)... I'm able to genuinely share your other barbers into the shop all appear to have to have the exact same standard of customer support interest and relationship - and most likely deserve equivalent kudos. And being in heart of Southport Corridor - I adore seeing dads and their sons appear in for a cut. Hopefully gathering those memories of just how cool barber shops tend to be, together with awesome odor of Clubman or Old Spice. Here is the method men get their hair cut. This is how great thoughts manufactured. Oh - and on the present day front side - while i actually do like to only walk-in, i am grateful when it comes to web scheduling tool to book my appointments. It can help a lot to obtain it in.

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