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Razor with Shaving cream in handle

This application is a continuation-in-part application of copending application Ser. No. 707, 397, submitted Mar. 1, 1985, today abandoned.


b 1. Field regarding the Invention:

This innovation relates to razors and, much more specially, to throwaway razors having a handle with a storage space therein for containing shaving cream/gel compositions.

2. Information of this Past Art:

U.S. Pat. #2, 679, 951 disclosed a tooth paste dispenser where a tube of toothpaste is disposed. The dispenser includes a roller which will be relocated by a handle as well as the roller moves longitudinally with regards to the pipe of toothpaste to fit tooth paste out of the pipe.

U.S. Pat. Number 3, 221, 940 discloses a toothpaste dispensing apparatus which includes a housing for a tube of toothpaste and a couple of rollers within a subassembly housing. The rollers tend to be disposed in contrary sides for the toothpaste tube, and, whilst the subassembly housing is moved axially with regards to the tooth paste pipe, the rollers squeeze tooth paste out from the tube. The device includes a spring-loaded home which will act as a cap when it comes to pipe of tooth paste.

U.S. Pat. #3, 412, 465 discloses a security shaver with a storage space inside handle, and expanding outwardly from handle, for containing shaving ointment and/or want. The shaving ointment is dispensed through a tube expanding upwardly through the handle of shaver and terminating next to the shaving head of this shaver. The shaving lotion is dispensed by making use of stress towards the wall surface associated with container that expands outwardly from handle. The container the shaving ointment includes a flexible wall which extends outwardly from the handle and which can be adapted become squeezed so your shaving cream moves out from the nozzle or tube.

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