Shaving cream brushes

Softening body: Brushes have underneath the beard, enabling shaving products to help expand penetrate and tenderize.

Raising Whiskers: While underneath the beard, the brush stands hair on your face at interest, making it simpler the shaver to eliminate it. Brushes additionally help carry out persistent ingrown hairs by acting as a light exfoliant. This really is in direct contrast to shave ointment application manually, which has a tendency to mat down hair on your face.

Producing a Slick Barrier: The moistened brush, along with shaving lotion, creates an ultra-lubricated layer where a shaver can glide. Consequently, less shaver stress must achieve a close shave.

The Lather: The hot and pleasant lather a brush creates is just the cherry on the top.


  • Wet the shaving brush with heated water and carefully shake off any extra H20.
  • Spot handful of shaving lotion regarding tip or center regarding the brush. For ease of use, you can also rotate the brush over a tub of shaving ointment or a shaving detergent.
  • Lather ointment onto face making use of a circular, scrubbing movement. Which will make a richer lather, add even more warm water to your brush. Be sure not to include excessively water though, because it will create much more “slime” than lather.


After each and every shave:

  • Rinse brush thoroughly with hot water and flick brush hairs to get rid of stubborn H20.
  • To prevent mildew or smell, stay away from placing in a shut cabinet or case.
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