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Mike's Favorite ProductsOne of this items that love about wet shaving may be the variety of quality products and accessories available. I've put together a significant number of shaving goods within the 12 months, and was often expected which brush or razor I like well. Frequently it's a hard question to resolve as I am always trying new stuff; however, there are specific products that get noticed hence can be worth highlighting as my favorites.

Safety Razor: Geo. F. Trumper Warwick Gold Finish Protection Razor

The Warwick is an extra model protection razor made available from Trumper which was sadly taken from their catalog a couple of years ago. The razor features a smooth and contoured handle which comfortable and perfectly balanced within my hand. The all-metal body of my gold Warwick has actually a good body weight to it that is neither too light nor overweight. The cutting head is apparently a German-made Merkur mind that's well made and enables the knife to attach completely with no uneven exposure on either side. The quality cutting mind paired with the stunning, really weighted handle results in a razor that actually leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. Even though Warwick design is no longer available, current Edwin Jagger Chatsworth razor is similar in design, though it features a somewhat various cutting mind design.

I also enjoy my PILS stainless-steel protection Razor due to the impressive engineering. The PILS has a unique design that will require a different sort of cutting position. Additionally, because the double edge knife supports flat in cutting head instead of curved like in most various other razors, blades that do not frequently offer me a cushty shave work nicely inside PILS.

Razor Blade: BIC Chrome Platinum Double Edge Blades

The BIC Chrome Platinum tend to be my preferred dual side blades. BICs are very sharp and supply on a clean, smooth shave. They work well with any shaving soap or ointment, no matter what the depth, slickness, or properties associated with the lather, including Process Shaving products. They're not very intense like Feather blades, which is often harsh and scratchy often times. BIC blades are also reasonably cheap making them an economical choice.

Straight Razor: Henckels Friodur Square Point Scalloped Right Back with Customized Thuya Burl Wood Scales

My personal favorite straight shaver in my collection is my Friodur. It really is a large 8/8 knife this is certainly well balanced and easy to go around my face. It also features the full hollow-ground design that takes outstanding edge and works well for my beard kind. For my birthday celebration my wife amazed me using this straight shaver from, which she had fitted with custom machines. The thuya burl timber scales by Straight Razor Scales are a striking complement towards the scalloped blade. The machines aren't just really elegant, however they also produce a well-balanced feel using large knife.

Mike's Brush CollectionStrop: Hand United states Old Dog Classic 905 Cordovan Strop

To get ready my straight razors for a shave, i take advantage of the best strop, the Hand United states Old puppy Classic 905 Cordovan strop. The leather utilized on the Old Dog is a rather unique level which just available from one tannery within the U.S. these days. In the place of using a linen surface like numerous strops do, the Old puppy has actually a distinctive diamond weave pattern that makes realigning the edge of the razor quick and easy. The smooth side of the leather features a nice supple feel to it and an extremely comfortable number of draw when stropped on. These strops are manufactured in minimal numbers and rather collectible among right shaver lovers. Monogrammed with my initials in gold, this strop is truly the best possible shaving accessory during my collection.

Shaving Brush: No Remark

That is impossible in my situation to choose; i prefer most of my brushes for various explanations. I love my Simpsons brushes and I have already been really impressed with the Edwin Jagger extra-large Silvertip shaving brush. It will be the perfect dimensions both for shaving soaps and creams. Hair is a pleasant class with a good thickness, and it's also neither too soft nor also firm. This brush is one of several that really works well with any of my shaving services and products.

Honorable mention visits Simpsons Polo 10 in Two-Band Super, a highly skilled brush. It is bigger with a taller handle, nevertheless the size seems comfortable and it is great to utilize. The advanced hair has actually a delightful believe that is powerful and smooth, therefore works together with my personal favorite services and products to generate cushioning lather.

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