How To Shave Your Head

Why do people shave their heads?

As an adolescent in the 70's, I experienced long blond tresses that reached towards the middle of my back. I happened to be a bassist in a rock and roll band, so it was an excellent look. As a adult within my 20's, I moved for a more styled appearance, maintaining my locks at collar length. In my own 30's, it started getting thinner noticeably but i did not obsess over it. I just had it cut some shorter. In addition kept the full, neatly cut beard and maintained good self image.

Within my 40's, it became apparent that I was going bald but I didn't care all that much, although i might have favored to keep my locks. I informed my partner that i may be happy to try minoxidil, if it became generic available and more reasonably priced. I figured 50 cents daily to regrow my locks would be a good trade off. Call me inexpensive if you like, but I like to consider myself as being economical and useful. We soon forgot about this and got on with the company of living.

About a-year later, my spouse arrived house with the generic minoxidil therefore was in my specified cost, and so I figured that I'd nil to lose except more locks. We consistently used it every day for about 3 months last but not least noticed some new hairs sprouting in the bare areas of my head. This seemed encouraging enough, therefore I kept going with the remedies. We began examining the back of my mind every day for signs of new way life. We became a little obsessed with my new hair regrowth as it ended up being now a work in progress.

About 18 months later on, I'd developed an obvious patch of peach fuzz in which my bald place used to be. I was down about $300 and, for all intents and purposes, I was still going bald in the eyes of the world. We rapidly became disillusioned using remedies and stopped making use of the medicine. Within days my brand-new tresses started falling out in clumps in clumps when I showered. This is alot more traumatic than what nature had done in my experience during the period of twenty years.

I decided at the time to simply take just take instant action. I shaved the whole coconut clean, preserving the goatee as a statement of my virility. Later that week i obtained my ear pierced with a 1/4 carat diamond stud and I also took in another look. First thing that I noticed had been females had been making time for me once again. Some of them also requested to scrub my head. Whom knew that being bald ended up being considered sexy? It had been an important pride boost at a time whenever I really needed one.

I've been shaving my head for more than ten years now and I have never regretted it. I happened to be in a position to over come the marketing and advertising business's untrue requirements of good appearances and became confident with who i will be once again. Which is very important to me because I have to stay with myself everyday.

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