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How to wet shave with electric razor?

wet shaving or electric shaving?It is undoubtedly that guys love to exude their style via their undesired facial hair.

But sooner or later, that beard or mustache has to be either trimmed down or removed entirely. For all years today, the typical method of shaving, today named damp shaving, contains using a either a doubled edged security razor or a straight razor with some shaving ointment into the face and very carefully shaving your skin cleanse to eliminate any hair on your face.

As time passed and technology has actually higher level dramatically, more guys are beginning to make use of modern-day shaving methods, that are typically dried out in the wild and implement a technical shaving tool eg an electric razor. While this strategy seems like well-known option, there's more to be seen than matches the eye.

Take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of each method, and find out below the reason we prefer wet shaving over modern-day shaving as long as you aren't time painful and sensitive.

Damp Shaving

Wet shaving was the time tested and traditional/conventional technique plumped for by males who desire a no nonsense method of the removal of their particular facial hair. Which is for justification.

Damp shaving the traditional means will certainly enable you to get absolutely the nearest shave that you could ask for. Electric shavers can hype all the tech they want, but a spinning blade behind a plastic cover won't ever outdo the absolute power and proximity of a raw blade up against the epidermis. As a result of this closer shave, many men think that their particular skin is cleaner and smoother, and in the end healthy by doing it in the correct manner and never trying to reduce corners.

However, it is true that damp shaving will indeed just take you much more prep time, whilst requires generating a potent lather by using a shaving brush in your face and repurchasing blades. Even though contemporary men decide to alternatively use handbook razors with throwaway shaver heads including the Gillette Mach3, and decide for an already made shaving cream ( which we're against in addition ), it still takes more time than simply placing an electric powered shaver in your face immediately. But is very important to see why these resources are incredibly affordable, specially relatively talking when compared to electrical razors. They are able to be obtained at almost any convenience shop, making them simple to replace whenever taking a trip, although not necessarily easy to travel with.


  • Smoother and cleaner shave.
  • If performed correcly, it really is healthiest for epidermis
  • Cheaper over time.
  • Stronger items that won’t need replacing.
  • Interchangeable components that are easy to find.
  • An even more personalized and enjoyable experience: from shaving ointment and soap you utilize towards shaver plus the brush.


  • More time eating.
  • Numerous services and products required, which take-up even more room.
  • Method is much more tough and will end in even more bumps and cuts, especially if using double-edged safety or straight razors.

Modern Electric Razor Shaving

Regarded as the “quick and dirty” means of shaving, modern-day electric shaving usually requires utilizing a device with natural blades included in a foil or rotary head with no shaving ointment usually. From a conceptual perspective, there seems to be a lot of attractive attributes about modern-day shaving methods.

shaving brush and protection shaverTo start, using an electric razor is a tremendously luxurious and premium experience, because takes most of the manual work out for the equation, just calling for you to just guide the tool along your skin as rapidly rotating blades pick-up most of the legwork obtainable. It also cuts the hairs much faster than a traditional shaver, saving the consumer a large amount of time.

Furthermore, an electric shaver significantly reduces the possibility of cutting your self, a valid nervous about traditional damp shaving practices.

Whichn’t to express however that electric/modern shaving method never come without their particular reasonable share of defects. Biggest may be the price. Numerous electric razors can cost up to 0 and require replacement heads and cleaning kits.

Talking about electric batteries, if you're on your way and now have a dead shaver without any use of an electrical origin, you're out-of luck; traditional people will never have this problem, and only require their resources many water. Definitely the shave it self will simply never be as near and luxurious as that of a normal wet close shave. Actually, many users of electric razors report that their faces come to be agitated from the irregular blade rotating patterns, and therefore are worse off just to save a few momemts of the time inside their day.

This, however, is mostly because of to some extent in their mind having painful and sensitive epidermis and erroneously using a power razor we believe, therefore don’t get discouraged by that price. Also, numerous electric razors today have either wet use ability or a wet experience function ( particularly Braun ) that enables you to get a less irritating shave in general.

  • Luxurious option to shave.
  • Much faster than standard shaving.
  • Portable. Less services and products to transport to you.
  • The method is very simple to master and learn.
  • Valuable upfront price.
  • Power dying can forever disable the shaver. ( While they incorporate multi year warranties )
  • Not as smooth of a shave as that by standard razors.
  • Not an ideal option for people with sensitive skin.
  • You don’t obtain the “true” connection with shaving, if it matters to you.

The Choice Is Obvious ( But Fundamentally Precipitates To Preference )

After looking at the trade-offs between damp and standard shaving practices, its very clear the reason we prefer wet shaving beats modern-day shaving. While it is indeed easier and less time intensive to take out your electric shaver and become carried out in half enough time that a normal damp shave would take, it isn't rather the trade off of quitting the complex knowledge and luxurious quality of the shave, as well as the cheap cost that makes damp shaving the ultimate value for shaving aficionados. Enough time tested method of traditional damp shaving may be the real winner for people centered on its unbeatable mix of expense and high quality, nonetheless it really boils down to preference on everything appreciate much more essential in regards to your time together with closeness of shave you desire.

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