9 Things Girls With Shaved

I want to shaved my head bald

sunscreen-quote2. Shield your scalp from the sun

This was our barbers’ many frequently-given guidance, and it also’s an essential one to keep in mind. Amber from the KelliPaul Salon in Peachtree City, Georgia, sums it up: “Bald and burnt is not fun!”

Hair keeps the head hot and protected. Now that you have less insulation above, you could find yourself paying even more focus on the elements report. On chilly days, cover up with a beanie. And when the sunlight is out, throw-on some sunscreen or a hat.

moisturizer-quoteEven on cloudy times, hanging out outside can leave you with a scorched head, therefore don’t skimp regarding the sunscreen for the head, ears, and throat.

3. Keep hydrated and moisturize

Specially throughout the dry winter months, or if your head gets a touch too much sun, your scalp can become dry and rough. Get hydrated by drinking lots of water and using a sensitive-skin moisturizer in your head.

4. Try a scalp therapeutic massage

massage-quoteMany people say that massaging a bald mind brings best of luck. Which could or may not be true, but our barbers let us know that stimulating your head promotes great the flow of blood and motivates healthy new hair growth.

Here’s how to do it: Starting with all 10 fingertips in your mind, apply mild force and go your fingers around your scalp, working from your forehead, towards top of the mind, and down seriously to your throat. It’s easy to do all on your own — or you might try convincing a loved one that massaging your bald mind will bring all of them fortune.

5. Inform ‘em why you shaved

why-you-shaved-quoteWalking around with your newly-shorn head, you are bound to have some questions. Get ready with some good responses! Let folks know that you shaved the head with St. Baldrick’s to raise money for children’s cancer tumors analysis. Pediatric cancer tumors may be the no. 1 disease killer of your kids, and scientists need better investment to locate cures.

6. Hold your mind high

proud-quoteYou shaved the head to simply help children with cancer tumors, and therefore’s some thing is proud of! So throw your arms as well as use the advice of Kristen Hagan from Wild HairZ Salon in Louisville, Kentucky: “Rock it happy!”

A number of our shavees say that shaving their head gave all of them a lift of self-confidence, and we also genuinely believe that’s great. In reality, we should see your bald mind! Post a photo of the bald self because of the hashtag #baldselfie to join inside fun on Twitter or Instagram.

No hair? No problem! Check-out our Do What You Want web page for techniques to support young ones with disease, no locks required.

Read inspiring shavee tales on our blog:

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