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Because the rise of hemlines began in the early 19th century, many women have now been de-fuzzing their legs. These days, there's a slew of products (usually a complete drug store aisle complete) dedicated to making sure the smoothest, nearest shave. However, somewhere over the timeline of women shaving their particular legs, some body, or maybe a lot of women at one time, ran away from, or forgot to create, their shaving ointment of choice on a trip, and then thing you realize, everybody's using hair conditioner as the replacement. While conditioners supply the slip essential for a nick-proof shave, they don't keep the skin experience smooth and moisturized, not to mention that they may be able often be gooey and gunk up your fancy, tri-level razor. Not issues you will definitely deal with because of the super-affordable (less than $4!) EOS Ultra Moisturizing fragile Skin Shave ointment.

Various other charming attributes: The white, nondescript container is manufactured out of synthetic with a matte, rubberized finish, which means zero rust rings on your shower ledge, and it's really entirely slip-proof. While hair conditioners provide that viscosity you need for a smooth shave, EOS's formula truly feels like a lightweight ointment on epidermis, provides a smoother, razor bump-free shave, whilst including moisture back into the skin through vitamin e antioxidant and shea butter. It is laden with epidermis soothers like oat and aloe extract to guard the most sensitive and painful epidermis, and it also's entirely fragrance-free.

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