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Best shave cream for electric razor

guy using electric razor with shaving creamUs americans throw away 2.5 billion throwaway shaver blades each year, in accordance with the Pennsylvania division of Environmental Protection––a wasteful rehearse on several amounts: in the long run, besides adding up to a large pile of garbage, additionally subtracts a lot of money from consumers' wallets. It is really not unusual for shaver blades to price just as much as $3 each. Therefore, even at a price of $300, an electrical razor can potentially be a much more affordable option.

However after switching to a razor from a shaver is not therefore easy. Since the blades of a power shaver are more abrasive compared to those of a shaver, the skin typically requires as much as monthly to fully adjust to the change and during this time may become irritated, red and bumpy.

That's why razor makers have actually money-back guarantees: Braun (60 days), Philips Norelco (45 times), Panasonic (thirty days).

Nonetheless, there are steps you can take to make the switch to an electrical shaver much easier and less irritating.

  • Pull your skin layer tight and shave the hair opposite its path of growth. Pulling tight helps improve the tresses off the skin, setting it up to-be much better grabbed and cut by the razor.
  • Maintain the razor at a 90-degree direction to your skin. Razor producers design the blades within their products to stay at a particular position for highest cutting efficiency––and this design usually assumes the individual will contain the device it self at a right angle to his face.
  • Utilize light, gentle shots and don't over-shave. Over repeatedly shaving the exact same location can aggravate your skin.
  • Never damp your face before shaving...Unless you have got a coarse beard. A lot of dampness weakens the whiskers and skin, which makes it tough to feed the hairs into the cutting head and enhancing the friction associated with the shaver from the epidermis. Those with a coarse beard, though, benefit from a softer whisker and really should consider utilizing a Wet/Dry shaver specifically designed to be utilized when you look at the bath. Beware, though: Never just take a non-Wet/Dry razor into the bath, even though the razor is labeled "Washable." A washable shaver is not built to be immersed in liquid––it's just supposed to be rinsed clean.
  • Place a fall of shaving cream or shaving gel on shaver’s cutting head before using it. This assists to lubricate the blade, rendering it travel more smoothly within the skin, which receives some lubrication itself along the way. (this would be fine for some models, but consult your shaver's producer.) But, don’t slather the cream or gel right onto your skin like you would when utilizing a razor, unless it is a Philips Norelco SensoTouch or an ongoing Panasonic model. Not absolutely all shavers are designed to take care of this froth.

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