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Prevent bikini razor burn

BikiniIt’s an enjoyable experience of year becoming outdoors, vacation and strike the coastline, or enhance that “so university” inflatable share. Aside from your distance to liquid, the perfect bikini zone is a vital part of embracing swimsuit season. Although we already filled you in from the most useful methods to shave your complete bikini area, we desired to focus on bump avoidance regarding the most sensitive and painful area of your shave – the bikini line.

Exfoliate and Prep

You know what they do say, best offense is an excellent protection. The same could be true for stopping bump breakouts! Before you shave, make certain you exfoliate and use a moisturizing shave ointment. In the event that you don’t have moisturizing shaving ointment readily available, make use of your conditioner – anything is preferable to bar detergent!

Choose moisturizing shave cream over your regular human anatomy wash or club detergent, as they possibly can keep an irregular residue in the epidermis that could cause you to miss a spot, or cause the razor is less effective following the blades collect the soapy residue and start to become slick. Also, constantly be sure you use a unique blade for every single shave, and constantly shave aided by the grain regarding the hair.


One of the best kept secrets about trimming your bikini range is to apply deodorant right after you shave. No elegant deodorant necessary, just be sure getting an independent stick through the one you use on your own arms and always clean it after you’re finished. Additionally, prevent gel deodorants, because they could keep deodorant marks on your own bikini if you wear it before it completely dries.

Black Tea

Another great secret for you to get rid of annoying bikini range lumps: take a look at black colored tea. Ebony tea is an all natural anti-inflammatory, and thus will help to banish those bumps for good. Simply make some black tea and store into the fridge or throw in some ice to help keep it chilled, then apply it on your own bikini range after shaving with a cotton ball whilst it’s still cool.


Applying Neosporin whenever you shave is yet another great way to remove razor lumps as a preventative measure, it works quickly to prevent the lumps before they form. The great thing concerning this choice is that Neosporin is a medicine pantry staple, there’s always a tube laying nearby. Put it to great usage and apply one to three minutes after shaving for a smooth and bump-free bikini line.

Aloe Vera Gel

In all honesty, is there such a thing aloe can’t do? It’s a fantastic lotion, assists heal sunburns, and can additionally both prevent and heal bikini line lumps. The key is the fact that it's filled with moisture, that the sensitive epidermis around the bikini line will immerse in straight away to simply help eradicate razor discomfort. Plus, you’ll feel smoother afterward without smelling like salicylic or glycolic acid, that are in lots of post-shave remedies.

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