Olive Oil Vs Coconut Oil

Olive oil shaving

olive oil shave razorIm intrigued often times with what I come across on the web. And also as I originally uploaded here at some point ago, this web site will probably be eclectic, covering different passions although i understand some are contemplating the Search Engine Optimization articles. But it won’t be all about search engine optimization; that is not what the purpose of it was.

The items that interests myself and I also find curious are the various sites which make claims as to what can help you with a few product or any other. For example, not long ago i discovered a site that has been marketing some lots of uses for hydrogen peroxide. Now, several of those things are quite frankly, perhaps not trustworthy, although some are something I’d be willing to test out. Hydrogen Peroxide for germinating seeds faster? I’ll give that a try. Taking hydrogen peroxide internally to cure some infection? Will you be joking? Don’t do this! That’s a dumb idea. Yes, Virginia, while there could be a Santa Claus, there is many foolish and false things published online – sadly many people even think them without doing their own research.

Today yesterday, I happened to be reading a summary of ways olive oil could possibly be used. I adore utilizing coconut oil when I’m cooking, and I also in addition put it to use which will make my personal salad dressings. I favor it so much, I usually have actually a gallon associated with things on hand. One of the suggestions inside specific list about coconut oil uses had been that men might use it to shave with.

Shave with coconut oil? Really… why-not test it out for… I’m ready to be a test case for my man friends available.. certainly not online dating.. so not too concerned if my face happens looking like sliced liver – and when even worse comes to worse, i really do possess some shaving ointment I'm able to rapidly slather on.

After my shower, making sure my beard was “well wetted, ” I dipped my fingers in to the small synthetic container of olive oil I experienced brought with me. Today – that has been initial problem – it's quite difficult to slather essential olive oil onto one’s beard along with your hands. At least it is in contrast to slathering on shaving lotion which comes out-of a can. Perhaps easily had one particular brushes that like dad had, where he whipped up a bar of shaving soap – maybe that could be much easier.

After that issue had been getting enough olive-oil to cover my beard completely while attempting to maybe not let it trickle all around us. The website that suggested males shave with olive-oil never pointed out that, and I also hardly ever really looked at it in advance. But finally, I was rather happy that I had sufficient olive oil rubbed into my undesired facial hair that terribly required a shave, in accordance with a bit of trepidation, place the blade end of my razor under the hottest liquid i possibly could and place shaver to handle.

Well, I happened to be in fact surprised. The blades glided along and also the facial hair ended up being coming quickly down the part of my face. No mince meat, no slices, no scratchy emotions. I happened to be to start with, somewhat impressed. We started to question what the cost of slathering on essential olive oil was when compared with purchasing my regular model of shaving cream solution.

After a couple of rinses of my razor under the liquid is when I discovered that doing this regularly had not been useful or feasible, at least with all the brand of shaver I was using, (talking about razor brands, that is another animal peeve of my own – if men can standardize screws, bolts and peanuts, why shaver blades have actuallyn’t been standardised to suit any brand of handle you have got?) a Schick Hydro 5.

The issue is, the oil and also the hairs only get clogged in between the blades. It’s pretty hard to wash all of them out as they are caught with the oil – and it no quantity of holding all of them beneath the water did actually rid the blades of these – which meant once i acquired down seriously to performing my throat, the knife ended up being getting to be in rough-shape.

In the end, I did not get as near a shave as I will have liked to my throat, but it’s maybe not terrible both. Possibly if a person remained utilizing the old double-edged solitary razor blades, it might work out ok.

I was also concerned about becoming remaining with a coconut oil aroma back at my epidermis. I've a keen feeling of scent and can state that i possibly could maybe not detect any such thing once I was completed shaving, so had not been a concern. My face did feel only a little “greasy” but that didn't last lengthy either.

Whether or not olive-oil is perfect for your skin, we don’t know – some say it really is, however it’s not something I’ve concerned about much.

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