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Natural shaving oil recipe

Up until this season, I experienced already been purchasing my shaving oil from a little speciality shop. This oil I utilized ended up being "all natural" or in various other terms, it had only sebum no petrochemical based additives of any sort. I use a few falls of oil (7-10) along with an a pure vegetable-based soap and some drops of water to make a nice wet shave mix. It is crucial if you ask me to possess non-petrochemical (including no alcohols) based shave oil and detergent as I make use of a shaving method that is water-based, petrochemicals and alcohols simply dry out my blend causing it to "crack".

Well, this small speciality shop fundamentally stopped offering shaving services and products initially of 2016. And so I started searching online for an alternative. It absolutely was incredibly tough, almost every shave oil and shave ointment or "butter" available has actually alcohols or ingredients which end in "-ene", petrochemical types. Once I found Pacific Shaving Company and their particular shave oil, I expected another dead-end, until we read their ingredient list.I became amazed, all really natural oils, coconut oil no petrochemical derivatives or alcohols.I had to test it.

I purchased a 2oz bottle for the shave oil (the purchase price is very reasonable, We paid alot more per oz from little speciality store) to try it out. All i could state is wow, this oil is fantastic, it far exceeded my objectives. It mixes with my detergent and obtain an extremely smooth (and fast) wet shave combine.

I take advantage of 7-9 drops of shave oil + my detergent for a complete 2 pass shave (with no other items, no ointments, no buffers, no after shaves). Occasionally, I make use of a fall or 2 entirely on some "difficult" places for a 3rd finishing pass in chin or over the mouth and my double-edged razor just glides effortlessly. I shave every single day, but probably this 2oz bottle lasts me about 9 months!

The shave oil from Pacific Shaving Company performed very well within my preliminary 2-week test, I stopped utilizing what I had left from the speciality store (at the very least 5oz).my only hope now's which they keep selling this product for some time when I'm in my early 40s, but i can not imagine shaving without it.

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