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Can you use coconut oil to shave?

Can I be genuine to you for a sec? I believe I am dangerously addicted to coconut oil. We seriously love this stuff!

I prefer coconut oil within my cooking, in my locks, within my homemade deodorant, and also this summer time, I’ve also started utilizing it as shaving lotion! We don’t determine if that is weird or simply borderline brilliant, but either way, I thought it had been eventually time that I share it to you.

Here’s the things I love about coconut oil as a shaving ointment:

  • Coconut oil is safe for you (therefore the environment). The skin we have is our body’s largest organ when we put chemical substances (for example. most commercial beauty products) on the skin we have, we’re placing these chemical compounds into our anatomical bodies. That scares myself. it is also nice to understand that I’m not adding more chemicals into our water-supply.
  • Coconut oil is inexpensive. I'm sure some brands will get somewhat pricey, but when you contrast the expense of somewhat coconut oil to commercial beauty products, you are preserving big bucks, trust in me.
  • Coconut oil increases as a moisturizer. Thus, it saves time because you just slather it on when and you’re all set!
  • Coconut oil features antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is particularly helpful if you're at risk of shaver burn or tend to be shaving delicate skin.
  • It smells amazing! Enough stated.

Since I have utilize coconut oil for cooking plus so many of my natural beauty cures, I’ve started purchasing it bulk since it’s cheaper. I enjoy the brand name as it’s organic and they also have a ton of sales going on. has a fairly lot to their huge tubs and I’ve even seen carrying coconut oil now!

Here is how I prefer coconut oil for shaving:

1. Shave at the end of your shower or bath. The tepid to warm water starts within the hair roots, meaning you will get the nearest shave.

2. Wipe handful of coconut oil in your feet. In the event the coconut oil is solid, simply heat it between palms before applying to your epidermis. it is generally easiest to make use of the coconut oil to dried out feet, but since I’m frequently in bath and my own are already wet, I usually put it on with my feet a little damp.

3. Shave making use of a-sharp razor. A sharp shaver will allow you to obtain the nearest shave and you’re less like to have razor burn since you won’t must repeat areas. Rinse the blade in-between strokes, or wipe the knife on a damp washcloth to get rid of the utilized oil.

4. For extra-soft epidermis, exfoliate with a body scrub before shaving. My Do-it-yourself human body scrubs are often a variety of oil, sodium or sugar, as well as other components to incorporate scent. Lately I’ve been making use of my Margarita Body Scrub but among my preferences is my Citrus and Coconut Body Scrub. It'll make your skin layer feel soo silky!

A very important factor I will alert you about though is coconut oil makes the bathtub just a little slippery! It's my job to keep a wash cloth useful and wipe along the bathtub once I exit. This means I won’t have additional cleanup to accomplish later on and I won’t need to worry about sliding the very next time I have in.

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