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Coconut oil after shaving

9 Reasons To Keep Coconut Oil inside BathroomThere tend to be countless each day uses for coconut oil. I take advantage of coconut oil within my cooking as well as in my homemade human anatomy maintenance systems. Listed below are 9 of my favorite uses for coconut oil during my restroom (no. 1 is my favorite)!

I write plenty about using coconut oil in recipes but the majority of don’t recognize of the advantages of choosing coconut oil not in the kitchen area. We keep a jar of coconut oil within bathroom always! Coconut oil is an excellent epidermis lotion along with a leave in locks treatment. Under is a listing of 9 means our house makes use of coconut oil in the restroom.

2. Carrier Oil

Whenever I’m exhausted or have to relax I mix a spoonful of coconut with some drops of the best crucial essential oils.

3. Shave Your Legs

That’s correct! Coconut oil is a girls closest friend when it comes to shaving. If you'd like infant smooth legs, rub a tiny bit of coconut oil on your feet before shaving.

4. Hair Treatment

Coconut oil helps whenever made use of as a pre or post treatment. We swing towards pre-treating my tresses with the addition of a 1/2 tablespoon of coconut oil towards the roots and work the oil down seriously to the ends. When I leave the coconut oil on for one hour before rinsing.

5. Skin lotion

I personally use whipped coconut oil human body butter just about every day! Coconut oil could help reduce scaring, stretch marks and stop sagging epidermis. It’s an all-natural “miracle” lotion! Attempt my whipped coconut oil human body butter right here.

6. Rash and Burn Cream

Coconut oil helps you to sooth rashes and burns. I’ve witnessed this when my children have had diaper rashes. A tiny dab of coconut oil has always helped to reduce and even eliminate nappy rash.

7. Eye Makeup Remover

Another wonderful reason having coconut oil readily available into the bathroom is actually for removing makeup products! Wash the face and utilize coconut oil to eliminate the residual eye makeup products.

8. Cuticle Treatment

Coconut oil does wonders for the nails! Massage your hand nails and toenails along with it as often as you love to help to keep tough cuticles tame. The anti-fungal properties of coconut oil are great for keeping toes clear of fungal infections.

9. Frizz Tamer

Coconut oil is my go-to whenever I must tame my daughters beautifully crazy tresses. Only make use of a small amount though. Way too much coconut oil will leave the hair with an oily look.

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