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Alternative to shaving legs

leg shaving optionsHow often can you question the decision to shave your feet?

Think about it. Whether or not you’re decent, also it only takes 10 minutes, therefore only have to get it done two times weekly, it adds up. If you shave your feet from April through October (an average outdoor cycling period, ) it results in at the very least 560 moments. That’s verging on 10 hours!

For most riders, that’s a complete week’s worth of driving time!

Therefore I’m sure you can think about better issues could possibly be doing with those 10 hours.

Let’s see if you will find worthwhile alternatives to shaving your feet…

1. Waxing

Waxing may be the number 1 replacement for shaving and it is popular with many women. It’s more complex, though, and when you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s going to be messy and painful. Of course, many male cyclists tend to be deterred!

You might go to the spa but it done professionally. But that is high priced! And, it entails going to the spa.

How it works: You apply hot wax towards feet, allow it occur and get all cozy, after which whenever your hairs aren’t expecting it, you rip all of them aside! Yelping in pain is recommended, but completely acceptable.

Why check it out: the outcome past a lot longer than shaving.

The reason why stay away from it: Discover a fairly serious initial time dedication, so you may perhaps not save yourself anytime in the end. You then must let your stubble grow off to an annoying, unsightly length (about 1/4″) one which just do it again.

2. Epilators (Also Cool Products)

Epilators look a lot like electric shavers, but don’t be tricked – they're in fact strange and scary up close. I am talking about, they normally use “tweezing disks” for example part of the tresses removal procedure. It creates myself consider utilizing tweezers to pull-out every single individual leg tresses We have, and therefore doesn’t appear enjoyable!

Then there's the NoNo, which you’ve probably seen on evening TV infomercials. It seems like an epilator, but in my opinion this revolutionary product tries to burn the hair down! Worst component is, it costs about $350. And doesn’t work. Bummer.

How it functions: Epilators are basically electric tweezers that grasp hairs and yank all of them out.

Why check it out: It’s less messy than waxing, while the results last some time. And while an epilator will surely cost about $100, it is a one-time cost.

Why stay away from it: Um… do you miss the component about these being electric tweezers?

3. Veet, Nair, As Well As Other Depillatory Creams

Veet and Nair tend to be creams that quickly and painlessly eliminate human body tresses in only mins. Or so they say.

I fell with this material years ago once I was nonetheless gullible. While it is correct that what you need to do is use the cream towards epidermis, wait a few momemts, then wipe it away and wash off, it is not so efficient.

If for example the leg locks is very light and slim, it may work. However, if you've got macho locks, it won’t do a darn thing.

How it works: The lotion penetrates your own skin and dissolves hair close to the root.

Why check it out: It’s relatively inexpensive, does not just take too long, and mayn’t be too painful.

Why stay away from it: It most likely won’t work on all, the ointment will likely smell bad, therefore might get a rash that’s worse than razorburn.

4. Laser Treatment

Laser hair removal is a procedure where a trained medical expert zaps your hairs with a laser. The unit is a lot like some of those little purple laser pointers… on steroids!

It’s reasonably painless, works great on thick, dark tresses, and yields the longest-lasting results possible. It nearly appears too good to be true.

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