Best razor for bikini area

Shaving bikini area with electric razor

LiveStrong Calorie TrackerShaving across the bikini range is a sensitive task that requires persistence and good light also a-sharp shaver. The Palo Alto healthcare Foundation recommends staying away from a power shaver for shaving the bikini location since you have less control of the blades. If you want electric over various other blades, use caution and become ready with lotions and creams to treat the sensitive and painful skin even though you shave.

Trim long hair with a set of really sharp scissors before shaving aided by the electric shaver. Pubic hair can develop as long as a few inches and will block within the razor. Pull a little area of tresses from your epidermis and stop the hair as near to your epidermis as you possibly can.

Immerse in a hot bathtub for about five minutes to open within the follicles of hair and work out it simpler to remove the staying locks while shaving. It is possible to obtain a closer shave if the epidermis is warm. Apply tresses conditioner regarding pubic locks to make it gentler and more manageable; rinse. Dry skin carefully.

Pull skin around your bikini line taut and operate the electric shaver over the area, starting within not in the hairline. To greatly help prevent ingrown hairs, shave downward, in the direction of growth of hair. Shave a small portion and check if you wish to remove locks nearer to your genitals.

Sit in the bathtub again and clean the area completely in tepid to warm water to be sure the coarse pubic hairs usually do not curl inward.

Apply baby oil on area maintain your skin soft and also to help avoid a red, dry rash. Usage lotion or gel with aloe vera inside in the event the epidermis is particularly painful and sensitive.

  • Doctors within Palo Alto healthcare Foundation report that there may be effects of shaving all over genitals offering bumps, sores, ingrown hairs and disease. Folliculitis is an infection of this locks hair follicle brought on by fungi or bacteria; make sure the shaver is clean before shaving.
  • Never use guys's aftershave after a bikini shave, as it will sting.

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