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Electric razor bikini area shaving

2. Prep The Skin
Dry shavers perform best on dry (duh), clean, and un-moisturized epidermis, while wet ones require shave serum for somewhat slide. (Pick one that’s water-based and get away from shaving natural oils, that may muck up the unit, states Mattioli.) Fortunately that electric razors are usually less irritating towards the epidermis than manual blades, so that you don’t need to worry about redness poking out of your swimsuit even though you mount that huge swan float. Tresses should really be under two ins before you have actually at it. When you yourself haven’t defuzzed in a truly number of years, trim it down very first to prevent blocking your brand-new doll.

3. Reach Work
That humming sound is intimidating, but this isn’t rocket technology. Only pull skin taut and shave within the direction that the hair expands for a primary pass. (your following pass should go in the other-direction.) Rinse the blade often if you’re shaving locks who hasn’t already been had a tendency to in a while (no judgment) and remember to not push down way too hard. “Pressing down will flatten the hairs, making them more difficult to remove, so simply hit gently and let the razor perform some work, ” claims Mattioli. Truly the only caveat: "you merely won’t feel as smooth as you would doing a manual shave when you have thicker locks, ” states Mattioli.

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