Times Classic Barbershop

Classic Barbershop

Salem, South Carolina & Atlanta, Georgia

Im A Barber Because: i like helping other people feel and look good. The best benefit of coming to Uncle is speaking to my customers and witnessing a smile to their face when they are pleased about their haircut.

During my spare-time: Hiking with my puppies, enjoying music, and visiting the gym.

Ashley Corr, Assistant Shop Management, Uncle Sr. Barber

Nashville, TN

I will be A Barber Because: I favor interacting with consumers on a regular basis. Cutting hair is a form of art in my opinion, thus I love the chance to be creative

During my Spare Time: available me with a digital camera during my hand, listening to songs, and connecting with nature

Jenni Roselle, Uncle Sr. Barber

Vicksburg, MS

Im A Barber Because: i love investing my times trading tales and making individuals feel and look their best!

In my own Spare Time: i like reading, mountain climbing, pilates, and laughing at live comedy programs. Ask myself about my many years as a flying trapeze artist (seriously!). I am behind the chair for 4 many years.

Kathleen Dillon, Uncle Barber

Savannah, GA

My personal favorite Thing About staying at Uncle Is: I work for Uncle because we give back to your neighborhood. We're constantly performing things with local tresses schools, helping with Park Center along with other non-profits, and giving haircuts into the homeless yet others in need. That alone is sufficient in my situation to admire my work and love what I do. I usually desired to work somewhere that gives back, and Uncle is that put. Uncle should be my forever residence!

In My time: In my free time I adore finding new places to eat. I'm an important foodie and I also like to decide to try new things. We fell deeply in love with Nashville since there tend to be a ton of new places to check out. In the event that you sit in my seat be ready to chat food!

McCall Martin, Uncle Barber

Tupelo, MS

My Favorite Thing About Being At Uncle Is: My amazing co-workers and awesome clients! They both make arriving at work a satisfying experience and I cannot see myself anywhere else.

During my time: I have a 4 year old boy. We love viewing Disney movies and may most likely quote them! You'll get us having party events in our pj's or karaoking into the car.

I'm a proud Aveda Institute graduate. While on Institute I won numerous awards for sales and ideal attendance.

Jessica Fleming, Uncle Barber

I will be A Barber Because: becoming a barber is an enthusiasm of mine and it's also my singer socket. I'm in love with making men and women feel well about by themselves and achieving a vision

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