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From the last few years, beard has been very followed fashion styles among males since the last several years .
Without doubt, the beard is an indication of maleness and absolute energy.
But you need to put in some time perseverance to grow the full beard .

Here I list a few of the most trending beard types of 2016 :

  1. Balbo :

    Heard about Robert Downey Jr? perfectly, he’s the man just who plays this design top . It provides you a classy and a specialist look. Nevertheless want to preserve it well. But if done well, it offers you a good edgy appearance.

Suitable for : suggest having a narrow chin

2. Friendly mutton chops :

Friendly mutton chops are a fun-loving particular beard.

You can easily grow it by two ways.
Very first is with mustache and without beard at chin location .
2nd, beard at chin with no mustache. This look is completed by many people like Hugh Jackman therefore the soldier guy from walking dead.


Guys using the circular face.

3) Van dyke :

This style comes from a popular artist named Anthony Van Dyke who was simply obviously from 17th century. I am aware its old but you'll get astonished whom holds it today hold your breaths, its Mr. Johnny Depp.

This design could be held by slightly short mustache and beard on the chin area just.

Suited to :

Guys having a narrow chin.

4) Bandholz :

A genuine enthusiast Eric Bandholz enthusiast of this beards got creative and invented a new beard style after their title. After chasing their fantasy he’s a owner of Beardbrand, I am sure you’ve heard of it. With persistence and commitment, it is possible to achieve this awesomeness within 7 months you can start brushing it down the road. Something good about this is you don’t have actually a top maintenance and you may ensure that it it is no-cost.

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