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The latest father has kept the lowest profile considering that the beginning of his girl, but on a rare date night with Eva Mendes he stepped aside with coiffed locks, a sharp suit and interestingly ungroomed beard — a major change from their usually slightly-stubbly visage. May possibly not have acquired Garfield’s great lengths however, but we however consider Ryan’s twirly mustache/defined goatee/scraggly undergrowth unkempt adequate to make our “Bad Beards” number (since it definitely reached The Notebook‘s “depressed without Allie” phase).

We can’t very figure out why the increase in ridiculous male grooming. Will they be all actually for future roles? Maybe there are a great number of Paul Bunyan biopics when you look at the works? Performed they all simply really love No Shave November? They are the significant questions we simply can’t escape our heads. At the very least Gosling gets the excuse of a new baby maintain him up all-night — and too tired to reach for the razor. [Editor’s note: Yes, we know several are for functions. Just becoming ridiculous — hot guys with wild undesired facial hair is going to do that to us.]

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