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First-hand simply take of Beardbrand's Shark Tank Experience

By Eric Bandholz


We have only experienced an added mental roller coaster like Shark Tank. Before we enter into that, I'd first want to state exactly how happy Im the experience and the possibility to share Beardbrand's story with a national market. All folks I interacted with at Shark Tank are first-rate and the finest in a.

The Sharks on their own have become fun-loving, lively, and enthusiastic folks. For them to spend money on countless budding businesses is something special to community and I also are lucky to have spent a portion of my life interacting with them. Robert, Lori, Kevin, Daymond, and Mark - many thanks!

I can talk about that which we are doing at Beardbrand all night. We're therefore passionate towards business we have been creating, the customers we provide, additionally the neighborhood we have been uniting. Before Beardbrand, beardsmen were usually stereotyped as lumberjacks, riders, or outdoorsmen. Despite the fact that these are awesome beardsmen, I got really tired of the ZZ Top, Duck Dynasty, and Grizzly Adams sources. I understood there were men available to you just who wore a beard, but don't fit those standard stereotypes.

Instead of wait for somebody else to create the city, we (my co-founders and I) stepped up to your plate. We wanted to be more than a company that offers products, and rather you want to guide guys to become the individuals they want to be (beard or beardless). For all of our consumers, that means going for the equipment they need to develop their particular beards out. I am dealing with guidance on the way to handle the development of beards literally and psychologically.

When I worked as a Financial Advisor, we thought like I happened to be staying in a layer. Like the genuine me had been hidden away in a cage and could just emerge once I was among pals or household. It's not because stressful as somebody who is within the dresser, but I would believe it is a similar sensation. As a Financial consultant, you always have to be gaining a show - you will need to look the part of someone who's with the capacity of spending cash. Unfortunately, the corporate environment would not accept me personally as a beardsman.


Exactly what made my career challenging was not just the corporate veil I needed to put on, however the proven fact that we had been experiencing sterility. That experience was and is the number one psychological roller coaster of my life. Sterility is a tremendously exclusive event, and I'm a public man. You don't usually read about the battles that partners have in conceiving, nor the tolls it puts on a relationship.

We attempted for five years, and after 3 failed IVF processes we had been finally in a position to commemorate my partner's pregnancy during the early 2013 - just one month following the Beardbrand store launched. Which was a beneficial 12 months for all of us. It was today that I became most driven to construct Beardbrand in order that i really could avoid the experience of going back to the organization world.

Which brings us to the Shark Tank knowledge. This tv program is a lot like nothing various other and it may simply take our company one step further and eventually help me supply support for my family. We're able ton't avoid the chance to cause the Sharks as an investor. While 17 million guys in America wear hair on your face, the Sharks do not - except for Daymond's really sculpted goatee. We nonetheless believe i possibly could have inked a better job outlining exactly what this means is a beardsman and exactly what this motion is about - maybe that will have gotten a Shark to bite.

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