Pedalboard 12.01.2007

Barber Overdrive

  • Precision matched components-using proprietary specs assuring shaped clipping and reduced intermodulation distortion.
  • True bypass changing with led indicator- this really is achieved by making use of a high-grade switch, in addendum Solid 20 gauge copper hookup cable is used involving the jacks and switching generate an excellent bypass.
  • Full size containers- for toughness and for easy serviceability if required.
  • Give made-we make the LTD one-by-one and each you're initialed and dated by the craftsman.
  • Volume knob response circuitry-more colors colors and designs within reach just by modifying your amount knob.
  • Cast aluminum enclosure- that is a tremendously durable enclosure that will endure a very long time.
  • Double-sided pc board with plate through holes-This is an extremely durable and quality PCB with additional serviceability from the top of board.
  • Three knob control +2 inner modifications -The LTD uses a straightforward three knob control layout to help keep things effortless regarding the performer. There's two more trim adjusts inside the LTD so the many demanding player can match bass and existence to his or her requirements.
  • Ready for 18 volt operation-The LTD works from 9 volts to 18 volts, this permits using greater voltage converters and materials, for players who wish to decide to try higher current tweaks.
  • High quality elements- people have actually requested the usage carbon resistors, metalized polyester, Elna silk particulate sound caps and silver mica limits. These elements had been considered only on the best listed pedals. People asked, and we issue, no exaggerated "boutique builder" prices.
  • Center EQ tone control- This Barber tuned vintage style control is supposed to appear balanced on 12 o time clock position, after that rising adds treble and slices bass, switching it straight down adds bottom and slices treble. You will discover many control through the knobs on-top of this LTD.
  • Barber flexible phono design recovery stage- almost all of our op-amp based overdrive pedals make use of a very good old style phonograph circuit to recover the frequencies lost into the overdrive stage, this worked ideal for plastic and from now on works great for guitar overdrive!

The Story

The LTD ended up being required again and again by the legions of reasonable gain overdrive players that have been forced to attempt to "shoe-horn" higher gain drives into solution by running all of them in most affordable part of their drive range. The LTD is created from the floor up for reduced gain player. Now players of numerous styles including Blues, country, jazz, funk and past possess practical moderate breakup pedal that needs no excuses.

The Sound

With a perfectly tuned drive and tone controls you'll hear terms like clean, purring, bloom, twang, sweet, balanced, smooth, obvious, sustain, harmonics etc... flying during your mind and hands!

Ended Up Being $129.95 discontinued (not any longer in production) Please talk to our dealers to see if they have continuing to be stock.

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