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Clipper cutting is the foundation for classic brief men’s haircuts. This haircutting system utilizes three kinds of clippers. Inside concept you will see towards several types of clippers, just what each is used for, different grips for holding the clipper properly, how the blade is made to work correctly, and exactly how to clean and disinfect them. Quick haircuts tend to be an art and a science. There is absolutely no margin for mistake due the length of the hair. Any imperfection will show. Comprehending all there is to know about the clippers will put you far in front of the competition. LEARNING GOALS
  • Identify the 3 different types of clippers
  • Give an explanation for distinction between detachable blades and clipper accessories
  • Demonstrate the 3 different hand opportunities for keeping the clippers
  • Determine the most common blade sizes by dimension in the place of by quantity
  • Demonstrate how-to disinfect and lubricate the clipper blades

The clipper is an excellent device for removing considerable amounts of thick hair. It can be much more accurate because you tend to be coping with 18 cutting teeth rather than 1 scissor knife. Clippers are best employed for reduced size haircuts and are also required for skin size haircuts or fades.
There are three straight ways that you'll hold the clipper:

  • Keep the clipper together with your hands covered around the back for the case and your thumb covered around the front pointing at the knife with clipper and hand in a straight place.
  • You will definitely make use of the second position whenever you are obligated to support the clipper higher which is uncomfortable for your wrist, shoulder, and shoulder. Could use this hand position when you are blending the edges and right back area to the top location or any clipper work with the top part of the mind. With this place you'll contain the clipper in a horizontal position and your hand in a vertical position. Wrap your fingers around the straight back associated with the situation and your thumb around the front. You will see instantly even more convenience within wrist, elbow, and shoulder.
  • When it comes to final position put your fingers and flash on other edges for the clipper keeping the clipper in a vertical place. This place can be utilized with all the blade dealing with out for blade on epidermis or clipper over brush. This position could also be used for cutting the overview for the haircut, beard, and mustache using the blade dealing with in.

You can find three various clippers which is utilized.

  • The removable knife clipper is utilized for getting rid of bigger levels of dense or wet locks. It will be the most effective clipper and steel blades move through the hair easily. Simply because there'll not be a plastic shield covering a portion regarding the cutting teeth. This clipper can be used for several areas of the haircut and useful for the clipper over comb and blade on epidermis techniques.
  • There are many blades for this clipper and they have many utilizes:
  • The 3 ¾ blade cuts the hair to ½ inches in total and is well suited for standard tapered haircuts, lengthy buzz cuts, and children’s haircuts.
  • The 3 ½ blade cuts the hair to 3/8 of an inches in total. This might be perfect for buzz slices, medium size tapered haircuts, and children’s brief tapered haircuts.
  • The 2 knife cuts hair to ¼” and it is well suited for brief tapered haircuts, quick buzz slices, and tapering operate in the semi-finish section of the haircut.
  • The 1 ½ blade cuts the hair to 1/8”. This blade is ideal for ultra short buzz cuts, fades, and tapering inside semi-finish location. It works very well using clipper over brush technique. The knife is somewhat bigger plus the teeth a little longer than a 1 knife that will be typically useful for the clipper over brush method. This will leave the hair with a softer, smoother finish. It cuts and blends hair at precisely the same time according to the perspective regarding the knife concerning the comb.
  • After That could be the 1A blade which cuts the hair to 1/16”. This can be ideal for epidermis fades and brief beard/goatee trimming.
  • The 1 knife is similar length as a variable clipper in the open place. This will be perfect for the clipper over comb technique. It's also well suited for the knife on epidermis technique when performing a fade or starting the taper when you look at the semi-finish location.
  • The 0A knife is the next knife which can be perfect for fades plus the clipper over brush method on top section of the mind when doing a medium size flat-top or short spiked haircut.
  • The 000 knife is the equal to the flexible clipper in closed position. Perfect for fades while the clipper over comb method when doing a military design flat-top for more of a blunt cut.
  • The past two would be the 0000 and 00000 blades. They're both perfect for the bald fade. Extremely close-in length in order to prevent outlines or measures. The 00000 blade is similar length whilst the trimmer but with even more energy when it comes to areas regarding the haircut.

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